Bloom The Elsa Schiaparelli Book

In your child’s young life, there are stories that will inspire the next generation of innovators. Bloom by Kyo Maclear and illustrated by Julie Mortad is based on the story of fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. Both you and your child are about to learn some wonderful lessons about never giving up and it’s never too late to start your dream.

When Elsa was a child, she had an older sister and two parents. Her parents would nickname her Brutta and though it was hurtful, she was growing up in Rome, Italy where color dominates the city. Inspired by the bold and beautiful colors of flowers and nature, Elsa knew that she was more than just your average creative type.

Elsa has a beautiful imagination and the imagery in this book will blow you away. The use of pinks is so whimsical your child will read this over and over again.

Uncle Giovanni inspires Elsa and she becomes a creative genius, being an explorer, an artist and a creator.

Elsa grows up and becomes a Mom, moving around to major fashion ports designing dresses.

After inventing the Illusion of a bow knot in women’s clothing, her design explodes. At thirty seven years young, she opens her first shop in Paris and women want to DREAM and DO bold things, not just sit around and look pretty.

With even more success, innovation and inspiration, Elsa creates SHOCKING PINK.

The impressive writing will keep you captivated while the beautiful illustrations will make the story POP with you and your children.

What Inspires Us- Bloom: The Elsa Schiaparelli Book

This is such great wisdom for young minds. To learn that at any age you can make your dreams happen, with a lot of work and determination and despite how other people perceive you.

Extra Credit

Have your children “invent” their own color like shocking pink. What will they come up with? Have them create an equally amazing name.

Create something with your children and take your child’s lead. What are their passions? What would they do if someone told them they could not achieve their dreams? Speak to them about perusing their passions despite what others may say.


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