Tynker App Review

By:  Karen Del Ben

A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick


I have to say that my son absolutely loved this game and as a parent who is always trying to provide educational opportunities for my little one to develop his skills, the Tynker app does not disappoint.

Tynker is available on ipad which in my opinion it the best way to get the full experience of this app, and provides my son to see the picture on a larger screen than from a smart phone.

I introduced my son to the game Puppy Adventure.  It was a cute game that exposed him to early math skills such as counting and early literacy skills by matching the words with the actions that were needed to move the puppy within the game. 

With Puppy Adventure players are able to move the dog to a desired object within the game by selecting the amount of “run” or “jump” needed to move the puppy to its water dish or toy.  Once you have successfully moved the puppy to the correct spot it barks at the player.  It’s just too cute!

            The Tynker app has many different games that can be purchased that will both entertain and educate your child.  They will love the cute animations and will crave to play it again and again.  Check out Tynker at the App store today!




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