Visiting Bali with Kids


Bali can be a dream trip for many people and more and more people are traveling with their children. How can you make Bali your dream trip while making sure your children are still having a great time? You are in a place where your children will not only enjoy themselves, but have experiences lifetime memories. Here is how you make your families trip to Bali the best.


Making sure your children are comfortable when you arrive in Bali is a priority. Instead of a hotel, treat your children to the best villas in Bali. They are chic, comfortable and can provide the down time that your children need after a long flight. They are also luxurious and ensure that you and your whole family will get a comfortable rest while you are on a trip of a lifetime.


There are so many fun things to do with your children in Bali it is important to plan ahead! Give your children a balance of beaches and Bali culture to ensure an enriching experience for everyone.



Your whole family is going to love the beaches of Bali. For younger families beaches like Sanur Beach or Batu Bolong Beach are great for children with calmer surfs and filled with families. This can be so relaxing for you and help your children burn off some of that much needed energy in some of the best beaches in the world! It is also a great beach to meet other traveling families and make some new friends both local and international.


If your child is looking to take up surfing, Kuta beach is great as it has a lot of surf schools and your child will learn from some of the greats. Surfing is a great sport and your child will love learning to obey the waves.



Bali has a lot to see and do that will give your child life long lasting memories.  Have your children study the Monkeys and then visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary where they will come face to face with hundreds of monkeys and three holy temples. These monkeys are smart, quick and looking for a treat. Your children will learn how to treat these monkeys as they can be very mischievous. Watch as they frolic and interact with visitors. Don’t be surprised if you see some silly actions from the monkeys… and the tourists!





With so many temples to explore, you want to make sure you take your children to temples that with enthrall them. We love the Goa Gajah! This place is so exciting, your children can actually enter the caves mouth through the mouth of a carved monster! It will be fun, spooky and a great time. Go in the morning when the temperature is tolerable and the tourists are at a minimum. Your children can enjoy the space and really explore each temple thoroughly without feeling rushed. Visit, come back to your villa and then grab an early lunch and then spend the rest of the day at the beach! Your family can wind down from the day and you can have them site seeing when they have the most energy to do so.


Make sure to pick which temples you want to see ahead of time so your children can look up some fun facts about each before they arrive. Little will your children know that they are getting a history lesson out of an experience that will be so much fun!




Let your children learn to interact, bargain and befriend the wonderful vendors of Bali. This experience will be fun and educational for your children to find items they like and learn the art of bargaining. Vendors are genuinely kind to families and it can be a great experience for your little ones to get to know some of the locals. It also lets your children learn the value of money, what they can spend it on and how to try to get the best deal available.



Make sure to take a few tours in Bali! They are so unique and interesting. For families with older children, think about going to Ayung River Rafting. This is for children who are over 7 years old. You will have a lesson on safety before you set off, but this experience will be once in a lifetime!

Older families can also experience Bali’s Treetop Adventures, where you go through nine circuits. Your children will become balancing experts with each bridge and pod they must jump on!

For the whole family, there are amazing safaris where you are in an enclosed bus and you can see some of the most exotic animals face to face. Your children will love being up close with zebras, rhinos and more!

If you are looking for something a little more relaxing, consider taking in a show in Bali! The Devdan Show plays multiple times a week. The colourful costumes, the backstory and the overall experience will leave your family saying “Wow” over and over again. This is a great cultural experience and a great night where you can sit back and be entertained.



Visiting Bali is not only an amazing trip for your family, but will bring a lifetime of great memories. Make sure to put Bali on your bucket list. Don’t let having children hold you back from having your whole family experience a trip of a lifetime.