Jennifer Coburn lost her father in her teens. After that moment, she feared dying. She described it as “checking my rear-view mirror to see if the Grim Reaper is tailgaiting.” She decided to give her daughter, Katie, some beautiful memories of a few Mother/daughter trips of a lifetime. She takes her little one to Paris, alone and documents these fascinating adventures in We’ll Always Have Paris.


Her husband has to work and Katie and her mother embark on a few touching adventures to Paris and other key cities in Europe. This best selling author touches upon the amazing adventures her and Katie have across Europe (finding out an egg comes on top of a hamburger in Paris is not only funny but self reflective!) to learning about many cultures and making a few friends across the way.


Jennifer and Katie both share their perspectives in the book which is wonderful for parents to see both viewpoints of overseas travel with a child. Jennifer does what many parents dare not to do, go to a foreign country (where you do not speak the language) and explore. It’s safe to say that they have built so many memories together and now are sharing it with so many readers. If you have ever dreamed about travel, this book can get you lost in all of the stories this duo has encountered and the sights they have seen. This is truly a great read, with a lot of fun, self-reflection and hilarity. Mom and daughter learn so much from each other (we are never too old to learn from our children) and create memories of a life time. We don’t want to give too much away, so read this with your tween children!

We all want to create beautiful memories with our children. Whether you have the money to jet-set abroad and show your child the world, take them on an adventurous camping trip outside of town or just spend time at home, teaching them a new skill, sharing stories or trying new foods, the point is clear, spend memorable time with your children and let go of your reservations.


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