Everyone has a birth story. From incredible moments to huge decisions, women experience birth in so many different ways. Our birth stories are our coveted adventures and trials before we have our baby and everyone asks about the birth. But what about after the birth?

The post-partum period is the time frame after child birth but no one asks about those stories, even though this is where the journey begins. There can be a lot of challenges that affect new Mom and her family.

Second Labor is twenty four mother’s unique and personal stories after having a baby. Their candid stories make you feel like you are not alone. You can learn from new experiences and be validated with similar ones. New and seasoned Moms alike will get so many benefits from this fantastic book.

These are working Moms, new Moms, stay at home Moms and seasoned Moms. The handle families, their jobs, life’s surprises and trials.

When we read this book, no story was alike. These women were so vulnerable and honest and strong in their stories, each one was inspiring and this book became a quick and enjoyable read for us because we could not put it down! The lesson to be learned here is profound and yet so simple. We all have these experiences that may different but we can bond as Mothers together and support each other after child birth.

We learned a lot about the adoption process, having a doula and most of all, putting a woman’s physical and emotional well being as a top priority.

To be honest, this book should be a must have hand out to every Mom as soon as they give birth or adopt a new baby.

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Second labor

SECOND LABOR: Mothers Share POST-Birth Stories: Twenty-Four Mothers Write Bold, Honest Accounts About Life with a Newborn