Why Do We Fight Book Whether children are learning about war in history class or experiencing it on the news, the thought of fighting another part of the world can be confusing to them and they may ask their parents, why? Parents have the difficult answer of explaining why countries fight and what truly is conflict, without getting politically confusing.

What The Book is About

`Why Do We Fight? By Niki Walker is about Conflict, War and Peace. It is a witty, easy to read, no nonsense book about the definitions, philosophies and roots of conflict. It does not highlight a conflict particularly, (but gives a great example of Afghanistan to explain to children how some conflicts can last for centuries!) This book will give your children the ability to watch the news and even though they will not understand some of the conflicts occurring, it will cause them to research and understand the conflict at hand.

Author Niki Walker did an excellent job of allowing our children to apply war conflict to personal conflicts in our own lives. Have you had a misunderstanding with your friend? Did it erupt in a lost friendship or both of you not speaking to each other? This may teach your child about proper conflict resolution to avoid a “social uprising” in their home or school.

Why Do We Fight also dispels myths about war. Humans are not naturally violent, for example and it leads us to how to keep the peace, which again can be applied on a micro level.

Where To Get It

This book is excellent for your growing, politically aware child and can explain kindly, but a matter of fact, what war and conflict is and teach your children the research tools to understand why and how it happened. Published by the beloved Owl Kids (www.owlkidsbooks.com) this is a must have book for older children who are curious and asking questions about the conflicting world around them!