NuuNest iphone App review

By Karen Del Ben

NuuNest – I had the wonderful opportunity to try out the NuuNest iphone app recently.  This is type of app that every new parents needs.  It allows you to track your child’s weight as they grow, along with their daily milk consumption and diaper usage.

For Breastfeeding moms, this app allows you to record which breast you last fed your baby from  and allows you to include date and time of each feeding.   Mom’s can even schedule a reminder for when their babies next feeding should be, incase baby doesn’t tell you first.

For Formula feeding parents you can also record how much your little one has had to drink by documenting the ounces/grams and also the date and time of each feeding.  Parents are also able to see and have a record of their baby’s daily or weekly progress, which is extremely helpful if you have a child that is low in weight or a child that is fussy with feedings.

Great Features

There are 2 other great features of this app that need to be mentioned.  First off, parents are able to export all of their recorded data and have it sent to their emails.  This is a great feature for parents that need to keep track for medical reasons or simply to share with family.  The second amazing feature is that parents can access expert advice regarding their recovery after the birth.  This is an extremely useful feature for those mothers that are unsure of what is happening with their bodies, post child birth and need some quick expert advice.

The NuuNest iphone app is the kind of app that every new parent needs.  Being a new parent many things can seem daunting and exhausting to keep track of.  Having the convenience of an app to track all of your babies needs makes having a baby less stressful and more enjoyable.

Try Nuunest out on your iphone today!

By: Karen Del Ben