You have an idea of what kind of baby girl name you want, something short and sweet. But you are not sure what name exactly will suit your little girl. We have a list of four letter baby girl names that will inspire you to find the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

What Is The Most Popular Four Letter Baby Girl Name?

This year, the most popular four letter girl name is Emma which comes at number two of the top girl names. Emma has been in the top ten position for decades and does not show any sign of leaving any time soon.

The Most Popular Four Letter Baby Girl Names

There are a few four letter baby girl names that are quite popular! These are the names that parents chose the most when naming their children. The name Emma is the top four letter baby girl name, followed by Luna, Ella and Aria. These names are all in the top twenty girls names and have been firmly in place for years. Consider these popular girls names for your little one!

The Rarest Four Letter Girl’s Names

Sometimes finding the rare gem name is worth all of the work! Rare names are beautiful and not chosen often by families to name their children. A name becomes rare because it was either created recently and is new, people are still feeling it out. Alternatively, a rare name can occur because it is older and simply forgotten over the years. Thanks to books, family records and more, these rare names get revived and bring joy to a new generation of families. Some rarer names that are four letters are Etta, Tori and Zola. These are not in the top nine hundred and fifty girls names and are considered very rare. Consider these rare girl’s names for your little one!

Four Letter Baby Girl Names

We have compiled a list of four letter baby girl names that you are going to love. We have included meanings and origins to help you on your quest to find the perfect name. Therefore, this is such a good list so get ready!


Origin: German

Meaning: Universal

Emma is the second most popular girl’s name out there! It is also the most popular four letter girl’s name. The name Emma has been popular for decades and is not going anywhere! Families from all over the world love the name Emma. It is two syllables and easy to pronounce.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Moon

The name Luna is another name for the moon. This beautiful name is rising quickly in popularity. It is projecting that this name will be becoming in the top ten in just a few short years!


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “She”

Ella is a popular name with families. People love its two syllabled name. It is easy to spell, easy to say and its beautiful.


Origin: Italian

Meaning: A song

Aria is a beautiful name that is growing in popularity. It will probably continue to climb over the next few years.


Origin: English

Meaning: one who rules the house.

Etta is a person who has leadership qualities. She is strong and a hard worker and knows how to make a goal and how to get there.


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: a bird

This beautiful bird name is not as popular as it once was, but the meaning alone would make this a beautiful girl’s name.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: One who is quiet.

Zola is a rare name and we love its uniqueness. A family would love their little girl to have the name Zola.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Life

Zoey has been a name that people love but it is still rare enough that you do not hear about it everyday.


Origin: American

Meaning: harvester

Derived from the name Teresa, Teri has become a classic American name that is for both boys and girls. People love its carefree style.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: Dusk

This name is bubbly and fun. It often is a generational name that is passed down from grandmother to granddaughter or mother to daughter.


Origin: Hawaiian, Swahili and Tanzania

Meaning: Pearl

This beautiful name is very rare but it is loved all over the world. Lulu is short, sweet and has two syllables.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Like the previous Zoey spelled with an ey, Zoie means life.

This is a more rare spelling than its counterpart, Zoey. Have fun with the spelling and choose Zoie for your little girl.


Origin: Russian

Meaning: Life

This beautiful name brings life to any little girl!


Origin: Slavic

Meaning: laurel

This plant based name is cute and quirky but has a long history in Slavic countries.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: favor

This older name has spread all over the world. Often times, Anna is passed down from grandmother to granddaughter or mother to daughter. It is centuries old and will last centuries more!


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is my Oath

It is said that the name Elsa derives from the name Elizabeth. It is centuries old and though its origins are Hebrew, this name has flourished in Northern Europe.


Origin: Celtic

Meaning: Little King

Though this name was usually used for little boys, it has gained popularity with everyone. Families love the short and sweet name that has a strong meaning.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: One who is worthy of praise

This strong girl’s name is gaining popularity with families.


Origin: India

Meaning: star

This beautiful starry four letter girl’s name has spread all over the world. It is a delight and brings light to anyone who names their baby this name.


Origin: American

Meaning: blessings from heaven

The name Rain became popular more recently but the word rain has been around for centuries.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: a gift

This name has traveled across the globe in popularity centuries ago, being a popular Celtic name in Ireland as well as having a Hebrew origin.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God has answered

Eila is a great name for a boy or a girl and carries a very beautiful meaning. This beautiful name would be perfect for any family.


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Little loved one

This happy and adorable name makes people smile when they find out its lovely meaning.


Origin: German

Meaning: a famous ruler

This strong baby girls name is a favorite of many millenials because of the movie My Girl. However, he name itself has been around for decades!


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: friend

This friendly name is perfect for any little bundle of joy.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: beloved

Mimi is taken from many names including Naomi. The name has now become a name in itself. This four letter name is easy to say and so adorable.


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Light

This bright name will make anyone’s life feel more sunny. Noor is a beautiful four letter girl’s name that is beloved all over the world.


Origin: French

Meaning: Black

This beautiful name for a little girl is all over the world and would make a perfect name for any little girl.


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: holy

Shortened from Guinevere, Gwen is a name that has been around for centuries and will be around for many more years.


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: holy

Like the name Gwen, Gwyn was also taken from Guinevere and has a Welsh origin. There are so many different variations that have come from this name! However, Gwyn is centuries old and continues to be a beloved name from families all over the world.


Origin: Indian

Meaning: one who has the beauty of the goddess Saraswati.

This beautiful girl’s name is short and sweet and yet has a great meaning. Nyra is one of those special names that can be passed down from generation to generation.


Origin: French

Meaning: born on Christmas

This name has been popular for December babies for generations. It works for both a boy and a girl.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: bird

This older four letter girl’s name is beautiful. Coming from Latin, we also see it spring up in Germany and now has been taken all over the world.


Origin: Slavic

Meaning: a sunrise

This sunny name is great for any little girl!


Origin: Greek

Meaning: brave

This strong girl’s name is short and sweet but packs a punch. This is a name for a leader!


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: wishes

Make a special wish for your child’s name and you can come up with Muna! A great meaning for a wonderful little girl.


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: flower

This flower girl’s name is perfect for any little girl.


Origin: English

Meaning: One who is bright

This name is derived from the name Helen. Generally, when names are derived from others, they will generally have the same meaning. Families choose this name because of its unique pronunciation amongst other reasons.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: one God beholds.

This beautiful name derives from the name “Jessica.” Jessa is short, sweet and has a powerful meaning.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God’s Gift

This name is great for either a girl or a boy. Jesse’s popularity grew across Europe and became increasingly popular in the Netherlands and the UK.


Origin: Hungarian

Meaning: one who is filled with light

This bright name will be loved by any family!


Origin: Nigerian

Meaning: Remember God the father

This name is a short and sweet and has spread across the world in just a decade.


Origin: Chechian

Meaning: One from Prague

There are many names that were used to distinguish where a person was from. From names that end in “son” showing they were the son of someone to names with meanings of places, these were ways to help people know where the child was from and who they were. This notion was used before people generally had last names! Incredible history revolves around names like this.


Origin: American

Meaning: a type of music

Jazz music is some of the best music out there and naming your child Jazz gives a modern and cool feel to any baby name.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: noble

This beautiful name is making a comeback and is gaining quickly in popularity all over the world.


Origin: Italian

Meaning: beloved

This name has gained popularity in the United States.


Origin: Finnish

Meaning: one who brings light

This beautiful name is found in many European countries and continues to spread. It is quickly moving up the list in the top one thousand girl’s names.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Delicate

This lovely name has spread across the world quickly and continues to be in the top one thousand girl’s names.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Hollow Reed

This beautiful name originates from Sanskrit and spread across Africa with other beautiful meanings. Choose this name that has meanings that transition across the world.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: Fair

This name was originally a boy’s name but has quickly spread as a name for everyone that those in popularity across North America.


Origin: English

Meaning: divine light

This beautiful English name has been around for centuries! It has a religious meaning and fits well in families.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is my Judge.

This religious based name spread across English speaking countries in North America and is becoming increasingly popular.


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: A Jasmine flower.

This beautiful flower girl’s name is perfect for anyone looking for a great name for a girl that is outdoorsy.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Half

This beautiful four letter baby girl’s name was made famous by actress Demi Moore. There are many people choosing this name for their little girl.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: To reap.

This one syllable girl’s name is a rare one but very beautiful.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “He who is praised.”

Judy was one of those classic names that was an identifier name ” one from Judea” which from that has come “he who is praised.”


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: rest.

This name has been around for thousands of years. In the United States, it is generally used as a boy’s name, but many little girls have this name too and we think it is perfect for anyone!


Origin: Persian

Meaning: glass bead

This beautiful name is beloved all over the world and getting more and more popular every year.


Origin: Latin, Greek

Meaning: Cheerful

This happy go lucky four lettered name is perfect for any little one.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: from the Laurel.

This beautiful name is based off of a plant, the laurel! This is a great girl’s plant name.


Origin: American

Meaning: a laurel crown.

This name is the United State’s answer to Lora. It has a beautiful meaning and makes a great plant name for girls.


Origin: French

Meaning: Of the Laurel Plant

Many of these names are inspired by the beautiful Laurel plant and Lori is no exception! Lori is the French meaning of the laurel plant.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Strength

This strong girl’s name is perfect for the little leader you are raising.


Origin: Indian

Meaning: Fresh

This bright name would be perfect for any little girl.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Lord

This regal girl’s name sounds perfect for your little one!


Origin: Slavic and Japanese

Meaning: dark haired (Slavic) or from the Kira Clan (Japanese).

The Slavic meaning of Kira is an identifier name as is the Japanese version of the name. In Japan, Kira was a name to give to those who belonged to the same clan.


Origin: Tupian (Brazil)

Meaning: Small butterfly.

This beautiful name means butterfly. Butterflies have a huge significance to many people because of what they symbolize.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: rose from the flower

Rosa is a beautiful name but in some languages it is often times a surname.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: of the rose bush.

The rose is a powerful flower. It is beautiful, smells wonderful and is the symbol of love for many. However, a rose is strong, has thorns to protect it all around the stem and is definitely a great strong girls name with four letters.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: beloved

The name Mary has been around for centuries. It holds a religious meaning as Mary was the mother of Jesus. It is a name that is passed down from grandmother to granddaughter or mother to daughter. This name holds a lot of weight and meaning to many families.


Origin: English

Meaning: Purity

This beautiful four letter girl’s name is a perfect flower name for your little one.


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: An island of clouds

This Scottish based girl’s name is beautiful. Your little one will have a whimsical meaning for a powerful name.


Origin: French

Meaning: weapon

This strong girl’s name is perfect for any little baby.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Flowing

This whimsical name is growing slowly in popularity.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: A fair shoulder.

This beautiful four letter girl’s name is slowly climbing the top five hundred girl’s names.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: From the west Island

A beautiful name that saw its popularity in the 1980s. Could it make a bigger comeback in the future?


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: a precious stone

A classic four letter baby girl name that is as precious as the stone it represents.


Origin: French

Meaning: Golden

When people hear the name “Dior” today, they think of the talented designer Christian Dior. However, it has become a popular four letter baby girl name! Choose this name for your little fashionista.


Origin: Nigerian

Meaning: an eye

This name is found all over the world today, but in Nigeria it is a Igbo name. This beautiful short girl’s name is a hit all over the globe.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: pure

Kate is a variation to Katharine which is a variation to the original Greek name. Kate has always been a name popular in families, but got a lot of exposure after Kate Middleton, who eventually married Prince William in the UK.



Meaning: pure

The name Katy is similar to that of Kate and has the same meaning and origin. Katy gained in popularity after the hit movie Mean Girls. Star Lindsay Lohan played a character, Katy, who when introduced corrected everyone saying her name ended in a “y”, much to the disbelief of her new friends.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: kind.

This wonderful name means kind, which is a great four letter girl name to choose for your baby to be.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: young

It is one of the most beautiful months of the year and a very popular name decades ago. June is a name that is centuries old and will be around for years to come.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: daughter

This beautiful four letter baby girl name is of Greek origin and is a great name to hand down from generation to generation. It is a perfect name for your daughter.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Victorious

The name Kyla is strong, fierce and ready for anything!


Origin: Greek

Meaning: a lyre

This name belongs in the stars! Lyra is a small but important constellation found centuries ago. It includes the star Vega for reference.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Wonder

Though this name has different meanings in different languages, it is one of those names that spreads across the world and is loved by many families.


Origin: a shade of blue or a fleet of ships.

Meaning: a color

Navy is often a shade of blue to a color or it can be a strong girl’s name meanings a fleet of ships.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: mother

The name Maia could be one of those names that you pass on generation to generation from mother to daughter.


Origin: Indian

Meaning: necklace

The name Mala has a beautiful meaning and is a gem of a name!


Origin: Russian

Meaning: Other.

This interesting Russian name could be the perfect four letter baby girl name for your little one.


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: holy

This beautiful girl’s name has a religious meaning and is popular across Europe and South America.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: the defender

Lexi is a short form of Alexandra and is a strong girl’s name.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: a red King.

We love this gender neutral name that is centuries old.


Origin: French

Meaning: highly esteemed

This regal name is perfect for those looking for a strong and classic girl’s name.


Origin: Slavic

Meaning: the light

This beautiful girl’s name is a short form of Svetlana, but it has now become its own name. Many people love the nickname so much that they use it as a name all on its own.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: the most fair

This is a great cute and sweet four letter name that is also easy to say!


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: little girl

This adorable little girl name is perfect for any daughter.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: goddess

This beautiful name is powerful and has a great meaning.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Life

An adorable girl’s name that is a great name.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Day

It is time to “seize the day” with this beautiful name.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Relaxed

A parent would want their child to be happy, healthy and have calm in their life. This name is perfect!


Origin: Persian

Meaning: A ray of light

This bright name is perfect for a family looking for a four letter girl’s name with a beautiful meaning.


Origin: English

Meaning: God is gracious

This name has a great religious meaning and has been popular for decades.


Origin: French

Meaning: one who is merciful.

The name Myla has a meaning that is a virtue we would want our child to have, to be merciful.


Origin: English

Meaning: one who has a positive expectation

For centuries this was an expression, but in the 1990s, it began to become more and more popular as a first name.


Origin: faith

Meaning: Slavic

Vera is a beautiful and unique name that reminds those to have faith.


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: night

There are few things more beautiful than the night time and this name honors that.


Origin: Swahili

meaning: beautiful

Describe what your child’s presence means to you by choosing this wonderful name.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: princess

Your child is a princess and you give them a name that means princess!


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: a friend with compassion

One of the best virtues for a person is to have compassion. This name’s meaning is powerful.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Herb

Sage is a wonderful and healthy herb and makes a great plant name for any child.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: delightful

This name originates from the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve, according to many religious books, were the first humans on Earth. Eden was considered a perfect place. Overtime, this name transitions to mean delightful.


Origin: French

Meaning: Remedy

This French name was originally for boys, but now everyone uses this name. It has a great meaning and is becoming more popular with English families.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: honorable

A beautiful name that is an honor to have.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: rainbow

This colorful name has a colorful meaning. It is also the name of the beautiful iris flower which comes in many colors.


Origin: English

Meaning: a precious green stone.

This beautiful gem of a name is a hit with families.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: noble

This regal name is perfect for any little girl.


Origin: English

Meaning: A precious red stone.

This gem of a name is becoming more popular with families.


Origin: Anglo Saxon

Meaning: Truth.

This truth seeking name is now in the top one hundred names for girls.

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