5 More Sleeps Until Christmas

It’s just five more sleeps until Christmas and can you believe that Santa is almost here? #1 New York Times bestselling author and late night superstar Jimmy Fallon has a new book, 5 More Sleeps ’til Christmas!

Spreading the Excitement of Christmas Eve

Everyone who grew up with Christmas knows that Christmas Eve is a night full of joy, excitement and anticipation. Illustrator Rich Deas brings those feelings to life with his adorable characters. Author Jimmy Fallon sprinkles his humor and wit across this book. Children will love how this most exciting week of the year for kids is brought to life!

When the main character and his little sister come down the stairs on Christmas morning, they are full of excitement! But what do they do after Christmas is coming? The end will certainly make you smile.

About Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is not only a late night sensation, but he is a Dad to two daughters and a husband to his wife Nancy. He is also a dog dad to Gary. Jimmy loves Christmas and his family listen to holiday music all year round. so it is no secret that this Emmy and Grammy Award winner would write his fourth book about this favorite holiday season! Jimmy has also wrote about babies and has three other New York Times Best Selling Books. Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada, Everything is Mama and This is Baby. Now with 5 More Sleeps ‘Till Christmas, we know that this book will be a children’s favorite and a Christmas delight every year in your family.

Extra Credit

Have your children write about what they love best about the last 5 days before Christmas. What games can they play as they wait in anticipation? Have your children create a Christmas countdown calendar!

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