Melissa Grelo, host of The Social, along with her friend/business partner Shayna Haddon will be launching marQ: a new collection of stylish and stereotype-free children’s clothing. We are excited to introduce our global audience to this wonderful line!


Tell us how you came up with this beautiful fashion line…


Shayna: Melissa was a new mom when she shared her idea of starting a kids’ clothing line with me. She was looking to create more options that were not targeted to just boys or just girls. Instantly, we collaborated to come up with designs that were fashionable, functional and high quality.


How did you two team up to create marQ?Where does your artistic influence come from?


Mel: Both of us are creative types and have been from a young age. Personally I think I get a lot of my influence from the creative minds I’m lucky to be surrounded with everyday. I’m always bouncing ideas off of people who have great ideas of their own, so it helps mould my vision.



Tell us what you mean by stereo-type free children’s clothing…


Mel: As a mom and a mom-to-be, it was apparent to both of us there was a gap in the children’s clothing market. Every kid’s clothing store you go into is so distinctly gendered. Blue for boys. Pink for girls. We wanted to create a line that wasn’t skewed towards one particular gender. We want to send the message to kids from a young age that the clothes you wear don’t define you.



We see that marQ clothing is both trendy and comfortable for children. How important is it for your line to fit an active child’s lifestyle but still have each piece make a stylish statement? 


Shayna: This was one of our main priorities going into this project. We wanted to create something that was as practical as it was stylish. Not only are our clothes easily wearable, they’re practical in the sense that they grow with the child. For example, our haram pants have a waste band that folds up and down so that when your child grows, the pants grow with them. It’s something I think all parents with young kids will appreciate because it cuts down on having to buy a new wardrobe with every growth spurt!



Where can our readers find marQ in stores? 


Shayna: marQ is sold exclusively online via Shopify.