Are you prepared to be INSPIRED and help a child who is achieving so much? Alex is an eleven year old who has decided to change the world by helping others that live so far away from her. This budding designer has created a line of dresses that are not only stylish, but are reversable and change as the wearer grows!



Ivy and Alex (IVY for I Value You) designs can be worn as a tunic with tights or a shirt once the girl has outgrown the dress. They come in various colours so you can express yourself through style.

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There is more to this brand then just a cool design and a young entrepreneur who is taking the fashion world by storm. Alex is giving back by working with World Vision. If you buy one of Alex’s blue dresses, World Vision will help provide clean water to countries who need it. The green dress provides nutritious food and a pink dress with provide medicine or a chance for another child across the world to go to school. The red dress supports programs in Canada and help kids right in Alex’s home country! There is a dress for everyone and every cause! This summer, the dresses will be available in stores across North America.

Now Alex is asking you to help! She has launched an Indiegogo Campaign to raise $15,000 to her goal! She is so close but wouldn’t it be nice if The Baby Spot readers help her attain that goal to help others in less fortunate circumstances! It is also a great way to get your hands on one of these dresses BEFORE they come into stores,  World Vision Canada, Alex’s incredible sense of style and big heart and with the help of her amazing Mother, we can really start giving those who have no access to water, medication, schooling or food the chance to achieve the dreams that Alex has been able to inspire all of us to have! Click today and make a difference. Alex is only eleven years old and making waves and we can’t wait to see what she has in store in the next few years. Keep up the great work, Alex!