Aliens- Keep your eyes to the skies! More and more children are thinking about space and what is out there. There are so many things to explore including if there is life beyond Earth. Aliens – Join The Scientists Searching Space For Extraterrestrial Life is a wonderful book to keep your children’s imaginations soaring with these unexpected facts, stories and gorgeous illustrations! Let’s dive in why this is the perfect book for your personal or school library this year.

The Adventure Begins

Your child will be fascinated with this book. Firstly, each page is beautifully illustrated. There is so much to see, it will open your chid’s minds to the possibilities of life outside of this planet. Secondly, learn about events like Roswell and the theories of “little green men.” This book does a stellar job at explaining complicated ideas like interstellar travel and different avenues of power to explore space.

Have fun with the UFO spotting page. Will you see a satellite or something else? Your children keeping their eyes to the skies will teach them about stars, moon phases and so much more. It will also keep them outside learning about the world around them, and above them!

Can We Live On Other Planets?

This book also explores the possibility of living on Mars, life on other planets and so much more. Can we sustainably live in Mars? Joalda Morancy and Neon Squid have a magical way of taking complicated scientific facts and theories and explaining them simply to you and you child. Additionally, it is widely entertaining. This book is fun for all ages. The interactive and stunning illustrations by Amy Grimes bring the facts and theories to life. Alien life is possible and our studies on space never have to end! There is so much to know.

Extra Credit

Have your child choose their favorite page in the book and right a short story with illustrations about it using some of the facts and theories learned. What did they come up with?

Research some of your favorite facts and theories from the book. What can you find at the library or on the internet? Do you and your children believe that life outside of Earth is possible?