Allyn Rose : A Champion of Women’s Health

“Women must take charge of their healthcare.” Wise words from a young woman. Allyn Rose may be a young Mom to be, but she has a life resume that shines beyond her youth. Allyn was a former USA / Miss America contestant, a Sport Illustrated model, legal and political scholar and lastly, a double mastectomy previvor. This Mom to be is a force for change. She has a lot to educate the world on the breast cancer  and how life does not stop after a mastectomy.

The Climb to Champion for Women’s Health

After losing her Mother, grandmother and great aunt to breast cancer, Allyn knew that with her family history, this would post a risk of her getting breast cancer as well. As a 24 year old woman and a Miss America contestant, Allyn Rose made a decision to undergo a double mastectomy.

By getting a prophylactic double Mastectomy, Allyn reduces her changes of breast cancer by at least 95%. Having a genetic predisposition to breast cancer has now given herself an opportunity to live a breast cancer free life.

Allyn also opts for this surgery when she was a Miss America contestant. It seemed like she shocked the country with this huge decision at such a young age. However, she educated a country on a very important decision that so many women are making every day, all over the world.

BRCA 1 mutation gene mascetomy

A New Life

Allyn was the first person to post for Sports Illustrated after having a mastectomy. She rocked the cover and rocked the boat of millions of people who learned a lot about the options for those who have a family breast cancer history and that life continues on after making this big decision.

Not only was Allyn a previvor, but she thrived! Allyn graced features on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, E! News, The Today Show, Katie Couric, Inside Edition, People Magazine, Cosmopolitan to name a few heavy hitters. The message is always the same, “put your life before vanity” and to consider educating women about breast cancer prevention.


Education in Preventative Health Care

Allyn decided to take her brave decision and her advocacy a step further and created a social media movement. Women of all ages, cultures and situations can all participate in the #SelfExamGram which encourages women to preform monthly self-breast exams.

What if you do not find a lump? That’s great! Even when you do not find a lump, you are understanding what your breasts feel like. If you find an inconsistency, you know instead of second guessing and you can seek the subsequent help you need. Allyn made breast exams accessible and understandable to women. This also helped women who had socio economic disparities as they too were given the education and understanding on self-breast examination.

Allyn Rose and The Previvor

The Previvor

We all know a survivor is someone who has overcame a huge challenge that could have taken their life. They are brave through adversity and have come through the situation. A previvor knows a challenge of adversity is coming and takes the necessary steps to confront the challenge and do all means possible to avoid it. A previvor is brave and makes tough decisions to choose life. They made it possible to previve a challenge before it hit full force.

Allyn Rose realized that when she had gone through a prophylactic double mastectomy, that there was not one space where people can have straight answers to their questions. Allyn knew she had to react. There were many women in forums in their twenties and thirties either contemplating a double mastectomy or have gone through one. Each one of these women felt like they were the only one going through that situation. Secondly, these women had so many questions, from dating after a mastectomy to having children. People wanted to know what the process looked like, felt like and to be reminded that life may continue after this surgery. Allyn spent years collecting data, resources and even referrals for women. The Previvor was given life.

Founded by Allyn herself, the Previvor Foundation INC is a nonprofit for women to find all of their information and answers to their questions in one safe space. Women can find information about BRCA + gene, mastectomies, reconstruction and get latest and updated information on the blog. This is going to change the face of how women make tough decisions and empower them with up to date information and resources about their situation. There is no judgement, no swaying on making one decision over another. All of the information goes to the individual. All of the power goes to the individual and that is a gift.

Mommy after Mastectomy

When Allyn and her husband decided to try for their first baby, Allyn was well aware of her families breast cancer history and that could be passed down to children. They chose and interesting route to avoid passing this gene onto a child. By choosing IVF, and pre implantation genetic testing, you can test which embryos are healthy and carry the gene. This is not an easy journey!

A healthy embryo was implanted through the transfer process and the two week wait begins. Anyone who has gone through IVF knows that you go into HGC blood tests to determine that you are having your baby. Though the wait can be hard, Allyn and her husband were pleasantly surprised to find out that they were going to be parents!

Allyn Rose is also bringing advocacy and awareness to milk banks. As many people are interested in breastfeeding, mastectomy survivors or previvors are some of the many women who are not able to breastfeed. Milk Banks are when women donate healthy breast milk for other babies. These banks feed babies and help bring a peace of mind to families.

Allyn knows that sharing this parenting journey is important so you can find her on her YouTube Channel. She is raw, authentic and spares no detail about this journey, her life in Germany and her advocacy for breast cancer research and education. She is a beacon of hope for many people all over the world.

Stay Educated, Stay Alive

Allyn wants you to live and Allyn wants you to know that there are options available. Lastly, she wants you to know that life continues after mastectomy. You are still the person you were before this happened and your life will continue after this challenge. Whether you are a survivor or previvor, be sure to follow Allyn’s journey.