Babies Born In November- Halloween is over and it is not the holiday season for another month. However, the weather is changing. People are getting busy before the end of the year and their are babies that are being born! Learn more about babies born in November, the birth month popularity, their horoscope, birth stone, birth flower and so much more for this incredible month before the big holiday season. Let’s dive into all that is November babies.

November Birth Month Popularity

The month of November is about change. People are getting ready for the holiday season in December. November is a month where people are working hard before the holidays. The season makes drastic changes. November is one of the most least popular months to be born. Out of the top ten least popular birth dates to be born, November has three dates on that list alone!

November babies may be born in one of the least popular months for babies, but this comes with many perks. Firstly, as your child gets older, booking a birthday party, a birthday cake, a princess or superhero to come to your child’s party is a lot easier. Secondly, children are in school. I’s easy to give out invitations and have people come to your party. This is unlike how challenging it can be for summer babies. In the summer, many people are on vacation. Lastly, finding a great deal for birthday presents before the holiday season is the best. Black Friday is even at the end of this month!

November may not be a popular month for babies but it certainly has its advantages as far as party planning is concerned.

Babies Born In November Horoscope

As a newborn, your baby will be inquisitive, looking to learn and study yourself, your partner and any siblings they may have. They are observing your movements, traits and enjoying your facial expressions.

As your child grows, your November baby will always go to the beat of their own drum. This means standing up for what is right despite it not being the popular decision. If your November baby is in a crowd and the other children are doing something that your child may not agree with, they have no problem walking away from the group and doing their own thing.

Your child will show their passions at a young age. You may see your baby love to be read to. Your toddler will eventually have a fascination for letters and small words. As a child, you may notice your child is an avid story teller and eventually, they become a gifted writer. November people are passionate about what they love. They swallow all tidbits of information about their favorite subjects and study these subjects with great interest.

Friendships With Your November Child

November children are thoughtful, fiercely loyal to their friends, family and communities. They look for forever friends and people who are laid back. November children will stand up for what is right, stand up for the little guy in a situation. They love stories about justice, valor and protecting others.

Your November baby may seem stubborn, but they are not quickly set in their ways. Present facts and discuss with them differences, rather than yell at them and watch the results. November children want to be reasoned with, have discussions and truly understand why things are the way they are. Do not mistake their natural born curiosity and inquisitive nature for defiance. Treat their curious questions as a love for life and watch how they flourish throughout their life.

Astrological Sign of Babies Born In November

There are two astrological signs in November. The first sign is for a Scorpio that runs from October 23rd to November 21st. This first sign takes up the majority of November. The second sign is the Sagittarius which runs from November 22nd to December 21st.

Scorpios are known to not let anything stand in the way of their dreams. For example, if their heart is set on becoming an engineer when they grow up, they will not let anything stop them. They can be deemed stubborn, but their nature to achieve what they want should be nurtured and guided and not fought. Scorpios are independent, calculated and ready to achieve their dreams.

Sagittarius’ love what they do. They are not afraid to take calculated risks. They are also fiercely loyal and you will find them often times huge sports fans. November babies will always be there to cheer for their favorite teams!

Being Passionate

Your little Sagittarius will be passionate about starting their own business. As a small child, they will open up pretend stores and want you to play with them. As they become older children, don’t be surprised if you see a lemonade stand As your child becomes a teenager, they may start experimenting with running their own business and take a lot of business courses in high school. Lastly, as they become an adult, don’t be surprised if they take a gap year or branch out on their own. A few failures may ensue, but do not be discouraged, the right idea will strike and your child’s determination will keep them going.

Both signs are go getters with razor sharp focus. It is something to be in awe of as a parent.

Birth Stone For Babies Born In November

The month of November has two beautiful birth stones. These birthstones are the citrine and topaz. Both of these gems have a yellow, orange brownish color (though topaz can come in many colors). Cirtine sounds similar to the citron fruit which takes a similar shape. These bright gems give us the feeling of the end of the leaves falling from the trees and their brilliant colors begin to turn the beautiful color of a topaz or Cirtine.

Flower For Babies Born In November

The official flower in November is the beautiful Chrysanthemum. Known as “mums” for short, this flower is in full bloom at the beginning of November, The life span of this flower tapers off close to the end of the month, depending on where you live. They come in many brilliant colors including orange, yellow, purples, reds and even white. They stand out and are a hearty flower that can put up with November’s unpredictable weather with ease. Depending on where you live, they can blossom in September and last until the end of November. Rains and cold weather don’t stop this official flower.

Babies Born In November Personality

A November baby can have any personality, but it is always fun to mention some age old sayings about those who are born in November. It is said that people in November can be very determined to reach their goals and ambitions. They never give up. They are viewed as courageous and very laser focused. Unfortunately, this can be mistaken to as stubborn.

November babies have an business person’s mind, making decisions quickly. They think outside of the box, are extremely creative and do not need anyone else’s permission to be themselves. If they are not comfortable in their group of friends, they will just leave.

People born in November will stand up for what they think is right, even if it is not the popular opinion. These people are interesting, outside of the box thinkers, hard working and goal setters. They don’t let anything stand in their way and with they just take nay sayers out of their circle.

Babies Born in November Tend To Be

To sum up people who are born in November, they tend to be:

Focused On The Goals

Babies born in November tend to be people who can handle stress in any situation. They always keep a business mind and eyes on the solution or the goal. This can surprise other people that they are so laser focused but it is just in their nature.

Considered Stubborn… But Are They?

November babies are so focused on their goals. Some people view this as stubborn and not interested in different opinions on a subject. Alternatively, it should mean that they are incredibly focused and willing to do anything to make their dreams come true. Their tenacity to go for their dreams should be admired and because we may not understand that drive, doesn’t mean it equates to being stubborn.

They Stand Up For What Is Right

Those who are born in November are known for standing up for what they believe is right. This means even if the popular opinion is one way and a November born person knows that this is wrong, they will still stand up for what they believe in. This admirable quality is something that many people enjoy about those born in November and strive to be more like them.

Passionate About What They Love

The November born people have their interests and take time honing their talents. They enjoy what they love and they have passion about subjects they have a keen interest in. They make sure to become experts in the fields that interest them and often times seek out or create jobs in the fields that they love. This wonderful attitude makes them very admirable as people and business partners when they get older. In school, they will receive great grades in what they love.

Babies Born in November

The adorable and observing November born baby may become the calculative, passionate and confident November born adult of tomorrow. These people are fascinating and it is a rare month to be born, for a unique and inquisitive person.

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