Babies Born in August – August is such a beautiful month of the year. It is also a popular month for babies to be born. Many families love their summer babies! Here are some fun facts about babies born in August that will make you smile.

August Birth Month Popularity

August is the most popular birth month of the year for babies to be born! With a conception date of December, babies come into the world as summer babies. From beach days to summer sunsets, this is a beautiful month to be born and have a birthday every year.

Babies Born In August Horoscope

August babies are like the summer, warm, laid back and full of fun! Your August baby will value family and friends tremendously. They will be the host with the most. An August born person always makes sure that other people are comfortable and they value precious memories. They live in the moment.

August babies may be laid back but they are organized. They like to make lists and keep things in a certain order. They value taking time for themselves and have one or two hobbies that they really love.

August born people love to learn. They like to read and watch movies. Many August people are the life of the party. They’re warm, funny and are natural leaders. They never command a room by force but rather by their fun personality and charisma. This is all apart of their laid back lifestyle and love for friends and family. They just want happy times and good memories. Their great personality attracts people, but it is their warm and kind heart that makes friends best friends and family into close family.

Astrological Sign of Babies Born in August

August babies have two zodiac signs through out the month. It starts with Leo, which is from July 23rd to August 22nd. The second zodiac sign that falls in August is Virgo, from August 23rd to September 22nd.

Leos are described as those who are filled with joy and people who don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s about living in the moment, having fun and being happy. Let other people who want to take control of a situation do so, as long as a Leo is comfortable and content, they value family and friends above all.

It is said that Virgos are kind, sympathetic and very humble. They live a practical life and are organized. They are content with their schedules and lists and value their family and friendships dearly. Babies born in August usually believe that being organized is calming.

Both of these signs are great ones for your August baby!

August Birth Stone For Babies

August is a very interesting month because it has three birth stones! The birth stones that are associated with August are peridot, sardonyx and spinel. You may recognize the red spinel from Great Britian’s Imperial State Crown. The fixture red jewel is a staple to the crown. When looking at the gems for each month, it is usually the green spinel that repesents August. Peridot is usually the gem that people remember when they associate August birth stones.

August Flower For Babies

Like the birthstones of August, this month also has two flowers. The first is the poppy. Red in color, the poppy is a beautiful flower. The second flower for August are the gladiolus. These hearty flowers come in a variety of colors and make a garden look full and beautiful. Its bright colors bring joy and fill a garden.

Babies Born In August Personality

The personality of a baby born in August is laid back. These happy go lucky people value family and friends. They want everyone to have a good time and are the center of attention. However, they are not seeking it, it is there charismatic nature and good attitude that draws people to them. They live in the moment.

However, August babies are organized. As they grow up, they maintain lists and keep a personal schedule. They tend to have their set likes, hobbies and interests and schedule time for themselves so they can enjoy them. This way of scheduling and organizing keeps them in balance. However, they are not upset if there is a slight interruption to their schedule! But don’t be surprised if they make up for that time later on.

Those who are born in August may be about family, friends and being together, but they do like to take downtime for themselves. This is when they engage in their hobbies and interests and lists. In that time, they get centered and are able to be the kind, laid back, loving people that they are.


-Self- Schedules with Ease




Babies Born In August Tend To Be More Outdoorsy

Their birthday month inspires the August baby to take advantage of the perfect weather. From hiking to swimming to traveling, the August baby is always looking for something new. They love parties, events and getting together with people that they love and care about. They organize camping trips, hiking adventures and weekend getaways. Babies born in August love their backyard and make it an oasis, like a mini getaway staycation.

Young August children love to run, play and be outside all day. Bringing them to the local pool or setting up a sprinkler is all they need to have a great time. They have a lot of energy and value their friends and family having fun around them. The more the merrier!

It’s Harder to Plan For Birthdays

The August baby may love gatherings and parties but it is hard to gather people for their birthday sometimes! Since their birthday is in the summer and so many people are going on vacation, at times, it can be hard to make sure that their friends are available for their birthday parties. Some families celebrate their birthdays with friends in September when everyone is home and back at school. Other families invite whoever can make it and make sure to have a fun outdoor party.

Your August baby isn’t too discouraged! They are thankful for the people that do come!

August Babies Are Relaxed

Don’t let the lists, scheduling and organization fool you, your August baby could be very relaxed! Like a summer breeze, they are warm, welcoming and full of fun. Your child gets their energy from good memories and happy times with the ones that they love. The scheduling and lists that they tend to like are just to keep them grounded. They love their hobbies and interests and thrive on learning. However, nothing beats relaxing and having a great time with family and friends.

Enjoying their birth month is important. It’s a beautiful summer month and full of things to do, but there is nothing more than an outdoor meal, spending time outside with the people they love.

August People Are Organized

The laid back August baby has an interesting trait about them, they are very organized! Don’t mistake their carefree attitude as being laid back in the work department. August babies, like lists and to keep things organized. They keep track of what their goals are. They like schedules for school and work. Those who are born in August write down what they need to finish for the day and make it happen. However, they know if they get the important stuff done, there is more time for making memories with the people that they love.

Scheduling and organization keeps them grounded, brings them peace and gets them a step closer to relaxation and fun! What a great motivation to keep organized.

August Babies Are Humble

Your August baby will not be bragger! August babies tend to be more relaxed and humble about their achievements. They do not crave to be the center of attention. Their laid back attitude, natural charisma and humble heart is what keeps people wanting to be around them. They are often popular with others, not by force, but by the natural attraction they give out. Similarly, their humble attitude is what intrigues people because they could command a room if they want to, but they don’t. That is an unspoken power that intrigues many. They have so many attributes that they could boast about but they choose not to.

Babies Born In August

Knowing your babies sign and official flower is important and as your baby ages, you will start to see some interesting personality traits that may match the examples above. In addition to a light hearted happy go lucky person, you may notice that they do have a great sense of organization and scheduling skills. August babies are great people with many talents and passions!

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