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Beyond Physical Fitness – We are so excited to introduce all of you to Natasha and DeQuinton (Q). These two fitness gurus have brought together the love of family, faith and fitness and combined it into a beautiful movement for people globally.

These two powerful people want you to be empowered. By focusing on mind, body and soul, they are ready to bring you to your mental, spiritual and physical fitness goals. Did you know you can achieve greatness? If you invest in yourself, it will help you invest in others? Let Natasha and Q bring you to your optimal selves. You deserve to treat yourself and your family to optimal all around health.

Natasha and DeQuinton, your love for helping others reach their fitness goals is inspiring. Tell us a bit how you both got started and how you formed the Beyond Physical Fitness. 

Q (DeQuinton): “My start in the fitness industry was motivated by losing 6 relatives in one year all from various health issues stemming from poor eating habits.  After that, I decided to major in kinesiology to learn more about healthier lifestyles so I could help others.”

T (Natasha): “I actually initially started off majoring in Communications with goals of becoming a basketball commentator (to have the best seats in the house every game 😊).  Upon returning home prematurely my sophomore year to care for my mother (at the time she had been diagnosed with breast cancer but Glory to God she’s been in remission for about 20 years), I began working at my church again.  After I would clock out each day, I’d head over to the church weight room.  There the head of the Fitness Ministry along with another instructor in the Fitness Ministry took me under their wing and taught me how to train myself.  It wasn’t long before I was in the Fitness Ministry helping members and guest get their bodies moving and genuinely loving it!  That’s when I learned about the kinesiology program.  A few years later I started “Beyond Physical Fitness” with the hopes that I’d be used to influence not only physical health, but holistic wellness encompassing mental and spiritual health.”

The family that gets fit together stays together! Tell us how you both met and your love story. 

T: “Wow, (laughing) well we actually met at a fitness studio (of course).  I had just began recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon injury and was still in a boot unable to fully demonstrate exercises to my clients.  The owner of the fitness studio where I was training at the time mentioned that he had a coworker who he felt would be able to assist me.  One evening the owner arranged for Q to meet me at his studio.  Honestly at the time, love was the last thing on my mind!  I was tunnel focused on keeping my business afloat as well as my own rehabilitation to be able to walk again without a boot and crutches.  Over the course of years, Q would continue to assist me at various boot camps across DFW and we found ourselves enjoying conversations with each other after classes we’d teach which developed into a friendship.  The rest is history as they say!”

Tell us about merging mental toughness with holistic wellness. 

Q: “Basically every day, you’ll have choices and occurrences that can lead you away from a healthy lifestyle.  Whether its comfort eating in effort to pacifier stress or feeling fatigued and justifying skipping exercise.  This is where mental toughness kicks in, keeping your eyes set on the main goal which is your overall health.”

T: “In my opinion, a person’s mindset alone is more than half of what they need to improve any aspect of their health.  If they believe that they can do away with harmful foods, if they can believe that no food nor laziness should have a stronghold on them, then they’re already heading in the right direction.  Once a person’s mind is focused on improving their quality of life and making sacrifices to accomplish that, the body can follow suite.”

Many families struggle with keeping fit while juggling work, family and extracurricular activities. What can happen if families neglect their personal health? 

Q: “They can become a financial burden on their family from medical bills.  It can also become mentally draining on their family as they’ll become caretakers.  Additionally, they might miss out on being active with their kids.”

T: “To add to what Q said, parents be aware that your children are often watching.  If they see that fitness is not a priority to the parent, it wouldn’t be a shock that the child doesn’t develop a desire to have an organized fitness regimen.  Then the unfortunate outcome is that by the time the child is of adolescent age or a young adult, they’ve already began to acquire health issues like obesity, prediabetic, and more.  Things that often times could have been prevented with healthier lifestyles early on.  Also, I wish I had a dollar for the number of times a person tells me that their spouse or child encourages them to not miss a workout because their mood changes.  Remember, exercising releases “happy endorphins”!”

You both have a powerful and unique experience that you offer each client! The Beyond Physical Fitness experience is combining mind, body and spirit. How can people use their faith for motivation to achieve their personal fitness goals? 

Q: “Your faith is tested daily and daily you do things to keep your faith in check.  When a stressful event occurs in your day, rather than responding in a way displeasing to the Lord you can go do a physical activity instead.  Even a walk.”

T: “Faith can undoubtedly fuel your wellness journey.  Just knowing that the same God who showed Daniel and his 3 friends to come forth in better appearance and nourishment than other young men partaking in delicacies (Daniel 1:13;15) is a reminder that there’s no food that should have a hold on us.  When people think of strongholds, it’s easy to think of “darker” things than food but that’s how the enemy camouflages or “justifies” the issue.  While fitness has a lot to do with moving the body, it also has a great deal to do with what is put in the body.  The same way you must fuel your vehicle with the right kind of fuel (premium unleaded for certain vehicles, diesel for 18-wheeler etc.), you must in turn appropriately fuel your body in a way accommodate your fitness lifestyle.”

What does being a steward of our body mean? How can we be the best stewards of our bodies? 

Q: “Not putting things into our bodies that will tear it down.  Making sure your blood work is in healthy range and having it checked at minimal annually.”

T: “To add to what Q said, even monitoring what and who you allow to entertain you.  Negativity is infectious!  Keep positivity around you whether it’s what you listen to, watch, or who you’re around.” How can people stick with a new fitness regime and stay motivated?

Q: “First make sure that the regimen is appropriate for your fitness level.  Second make sure that it’s something you can realistically stick to and progress with.”

T: “Also, try to have a set day and time that’s allocated for your exercise.  Be so consistent with that time slot that your family and friends know not to call you at that time.”

You are motivators, fitness instructors and with your faith, inspiring guides to your followers and clients. What keeps you motivated and positive? 

Q: “I want to perfect my craft.  Not only as a trainer but also for my own personal wellness and physique goals.  I know this takes faith, time, consistency and patience.”

T: “Being able to still do what’s necessary of a trainer physically after having started this journey in 2001 keeps me positive.  Knowing that I have room for improvement keeps me motivated.”

Who can access your services at Beyond Physical Fitness? 

T: “As long as you have internet access, you can access virtual training services offered by BPF.  Virtual training sessions may be 1 on 1, partner, or small group.  It’s live and we’re right there in the screen looking at each other!”

Why is helping people of all ages so important? 

Q: “I just love helping people.  A lot of people put exercise and physical activity into a box when actually a lot bigger than what they perceive it to be.  That’s where I step in and open their eyes to safe ways to get their bodies moving.”

T: “Fitness has no age.  You are truly as old as you are fit!  My 86-year-old grandfather walks twice a week with me for half a mile at his own pace and it’s so rewarding for the both of us.  He had a quadruple bypass surgery less than 2 years ago and understands the importance of cardiovascular activity.”

You both have such a positive spirit that is infectious! What motivates you both?

Q: “Many people are unaware of the benefit of simple and small changes. The fact that I get to enlighten people and show people what they’re capable of drives me.”

T: “Just the fact that the Lord saw fit to use me to help improve other’s quality of life motivates me.  It’s an honor.”

Our readers are all over the world! Can they book online appointments with you?

T: “Yes, they certainly can?”

How has your faith guided you to inspire families and individuals in need of a fitness journey? 

T: “That nagging nudge (laugh 😊) or tug that led me to step out on faith and start this business at such an early age (22 at the time) was completely spirit led.  It was a challenge to go with that gut instinct (aka the Holy Spirit) when in my ear I’m being told to complete college first, work for a company offering benefits, work somewhere with good retirement options, etc.  God’s plan doesn’t always make sense until we look back in hindsight.  Obedience to the Lord can look flat-out crazy sometimes!  But I knew he was leading me in the direction of fitness and that he put inside of me a passion to help people improve their quality of life.  The Lord knew he’d circle me back to complete my bachelor of arts in kinesiology in 2010.  It’s all about His timing.”

Tell us about your subscription based workout videos. 

T: “I’m excited about this phase of my business.  Now customers will be able to exercise via one of our programs at any time!  No matter the time zone or logistics, these videos from start to finish will take you through the warm up, workout routine, and cooldown with minimal equipment necessary.  This platform takes the limits off the participants.  Additionally, modifications are given in the workouts to accommodate different fitness levels.”

When your client has reached their fitness goals, what does that feel like? 

Q: “Joy, excitement and worry.  The latter because of concern as whether they’ll maintain.”

T: “It brings me excitement and joy as well!  I know by that time that they have the knowledge and tools to continue to keep wellness a major part of their lifestyle.”

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Special Thank you to Natasha and Q from Beyond Physical Fitness. May 2022 be your best year yet! To learn more visit the above site or email Natasha and Q with any questions or inquiries.