Scoria Cork Yoga Mat For Kids Review

More and more people are searching for cork yoga mats over regular ones. They are looking for the safe experience with a high quality product. We were introduced to Scoria Cork and Natural Rubber Yoga Mat. Yoga is an experience where we keep healthy, stay in shape and relax. Now that more and more parents are introducing their children to yoga, we want a mat that is safe for them as well. We have fallen in love with Scoria Cork Yoga mat. Here is why it is so awesome.

Scoria is Safe

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Before we even talk about how beautiful and strong this yoga mat is, we have to speak about safety. Many yoga mats are made with harsh chemicals that don’t just disappear when you start to use your yoga mat. We are so happy to say that Scoria cork mats are free from harsh chemicals. It is natural and non-toxic. The cork surface is very special. It is anti-microbial! It has a sweat loving ultra grip. It is also harvested sustainably which we have not been able to find anywhere else.

Scoria Is Fun

This mat is made for kids. Used for yoga, stretching, activities, play, meditation and so much more, this mat is easy for your children to just carry. It supports play based education.  We also love that Scoria is supporting Right To Play, which is a wonderful charity that makes sure that every child has the opportunity to play sports.

How Do I Wash A Cork Mat?

cork yoga mats for kids

Washing a cork mat is easy! You don’t have to worry about throwing it into a washing machine. You simply have to wipe the surface with a soft cloth and water . The ink on the cork mat is safe, non-toxic and it is also water based. Remember to lay the mat flat to air dry. Mild soap and water will clean it because the cork is naturally an anti microbial and does not need regular cleaning. Store in a dark place. It is easy to roll up and take to your next fun adventure!

What We Love About Scoria

At first, we wanted our children to practice yoga, so this cork mat is adorable. It’s simple but engaging designs were the first attraction for our children. We love yoga and wanted them to enjoy it also. The mat was a great way to practice new yoga moves. However, it also became a mat to play with toys! We also saw that our children loved to roll the mat up and take it around the house.

We find that this yoga mat becomes not only a great way to practice imaginary play and sport, but also to take to a friend’s house, outside for a picnic and so much more. It really becomes a part of your child’s everyday play. Made for children ages 2-10 years old, (or 4 foot 10 in height), this mat truly grows with your child and their needs. We even saw one of our little ones reading a book on their precious mat!

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Spark The Child Within

Our children love yoga, but also they enjoy interaction. This mat brings forth kindness. When you are playing on this natural mat, you invite your friend to sit with you and to enjoy games, stories and so much more. This mat encourages good mental and physical health. The attention to detail, the high quality and the eco friendly mantra are what make this mat not only a product to help your child or yourself learn yoga, but it becomes a part of your lifestyle. Choose more and choose Scoria Cork Mat.