Breastfeeding Videos – When we decide to breastfeed our new born, we suddenly enter a whole world of feeding, bonding, feeding challenges and triumphs. For some, it is easy and for others it is quite a struggle. If you are looking for breastfeeding videos for tips, tricks or just to watch and learn more about breast feeding, we have it all!

How To Breastfeed Your Baby Videos

When we are beginning the breast feeding journey, we may or may not have had the opportunity to see a lactation specialist. Thankfully, there are many videos online to guide us and give some great tips for us! Here are some of our favorites.

Breastfeeding Position and Latch

Sick Kids is one of the world’s lead pediatric hospitals in the world. Located in Toronto, Canada, they have produced an informative video of breastfeeding position and latch. They address the basics of breastfeeding position and latch.

This video is so encouraging in the breastfeeding journey and shows breast feeding situations of attach and latch that you may encounter or can encourage.

Bridget Tyler knows that Motherhood is full of change and that includes breast feeding. She acknowledges that there are challenges that Moms and babies have to overcome. She is a professional, she is loved on Youtube and she gives some great tips on how to get a deep latch. Other parents comment on how detailed she is and how she gives them understanding on what their partner is going through.

You will have several tips and tools to try again if your breast feeding journey is hard or stalled.

We love talking latch with Bridget Tyler.

Changing a painful latch is integral to continue the breast feeding journey. Here is some advice that can help!

Breast Feeding Positions

Have you ever wondered if you could get a better latch with baby if you only changed position? Some positions work best with some babies while others work with completely different positions. Every Mom and baby are different! We want you to be in a position where you feel empowered and comfortable trying a position that works best for the both of you.

Here are some great videos that can help you find the perfect breast feeding position. They are detailed and outlined well that you will feel comfortable trying this on your own in the comfort of your own home.

Intermountain Healthcare shares different holds you can try when breast feeding your child! One highlighted in particular is the football hold which helps a lot of Moms and babies.

Here are five different breast feeding positions that you can try with your baby! Remember to encourage baby to find the nipple on their own. Never force it! If they need help, it is important to gently guide them.

The Texas Department of State Health Services has some great breast feeding positions to show you. The Mom Team is here for your support! The team shows you four basic breast feeding positions.

These are just a few amazing videos that we have found that can give you a visual on different breast feeding positions to help with your baby.

Breast Feeding Preemies

Having a premature baby can be a challenging and scary experiences for parents. Your babies needs are number one and the breast feeding journey can look entirely different with your baby than with a full term baby. The tips and advice for premature babies or preemies can be completely different than a full term baby. Here are some videos to help.

Here is some advice for your first time preemie feed with UC San Diego Health.

St. Peter’s Healthcare System has some tips and advice for breast feeding your preterm infant that will put you at ease and give you the facts.

Kk Women’s and Children’s Hospital has some top tips on both preemie nutrition to put your mind and heart at ease.

Feeding your preemie can be challenging at the hospital, but it is like a whole other world when you are at home. Now, it is up to you to remember what you have learned to continue the breastfeeding journey and care for your preemie. Here is a great video from the Cleveland Clinic that can give you confidence and a peace of mind.

When your baby is in the NICU, this experience is unique to all other breast feeding experiences. Here is what you can expect. Video by Canadian Preemies.

These are a few of the best videos out there on breastfeeding your preemie.

Breastfeeding Problems

Breast Feeding can be an incredible journey but it is not without its problems. Parents are made to feel guilty at times when they are encountering challenges. Breast feeding problems are common and no one should ever shame you for the experience not working. Here are some common challenges when breast feeding.

Why Breast Feeding Is Good

If you are curious on the benefits of breastfeeding, HSE Ireland has some top tips on why breast feeding is good for both you and your baby.

Intermountain Healthcare explains eleven top benefits of breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding Vlogs

If you are looking for vlogs to subscribe to our just out of interest, or just to know that someone is going through something similar to you, here are some breast feeding blogs to help.

The Breastfeeding Library has some real stories about what Moms and babies go through during the breast feeding journey.

We will continue to add wonderful breast feeding videos that make your life easier!

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