Constellation of The Deep

Fox is a wonderful scuba diver and he loves exploring things that are both strange and facinating. He takes his cousin Wolf  to one of his favorite spots to walk along the coastal trail while Fox dives into the water. You, Fox and your child will dive down deep into the ocean, exploring its majestic ocean life and see a whole other world that is right beside our own.

Fox encounters a seagull with some interesting information about an incredible plant called the constellation of the deep. Fox decides to dive down and find this famous plant. He notices so many different plants and ocean life and an amazing group of corals, but will he find this amazing discovery?

The Underwater Quest

Author Benjamin Flouw really knows how to captivate children to fall in love with the ocean. From environmental concerns to an over all conversation about the ocean deep, your children will be captivated about Fox’s finds as he dives deeper looking for the Constellation of the Deep. Your children will learn the basics of scuba diving, sea life and plant life. Your child will find a passion for the ocean and its preservation.

This book from Tundra highlights the relationship between us and nature, the story about family, togetherness and searching for something special while learning along the way. This is a beautiful book that will be cherished for years to come.

Extra Credit

Have your children draw the ocean and they are scuba diving with Fox. What do they see? Do they find the constellation of the deep? What kind of plant and ocean life do they see on the way? You could be inspiring a future scuba diver or environmentalist.

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