Toys To Keep Learning During Summer!

Toys to keep learning during the summer- Summer time is here and there is so much to do! But did you know that children begin to loose what they have learned in school over the summer vacation? We don’t want your kids to stop having fun, we want them to learn while having fun! We have chosen some top toys from our friends at VTECH that are guaranteed to keep your kids having fun while learning. It all starts with our good friend Cory Carson!

Go! Go! Cory Carson

With the new season of Cory Carson out and everyone loving the loveable little cars and trucks of Bumpterton Hills, we love the new toys that VTECH has to offer! From hours of imaginative fun to beautiful teachable moments, lets have some summer fun with Cory Carson!

Go! Go! Cory Carson Two Scoops Eileen Ice Cream Truck

cory carson icecream truck

We love summer and we love Eileen the adorable Ice Cream Truck. Cory and his friends can’t get enough of Eileen and her delightful Ice Cream! This electronic role-play ice cream truck features Eileen the Ice Cream Truck, our oldest’s favorite Cory Carson and our toddlers number one car Chrissy Carson!

Eileen has this adorable light up windshield button where your children can interact, hear phrases, cool sound effects and sing along to songs from the show. When Cory and his friends go to Eileen’s serving counter, simply press the counter for even more role- play interactions. Your child will have so much fun and develop imagination skills. It will be like they are transported to Bumpteron Hills!

This toy is great for your child’s early language development. It not only encourages early vocabulary but also has a very durable design for some of those awesome adventures. Push Eileen and you will see her light up and play fun phrase and sounds. We just love everything from Chrissy’s beautiful smile to Eileen’s endless fun for your children.

Eileen Ice Cream Truck has 55 plus fun phrases, songs and melodies. It’s time for some summer fun with your kids new favorite toy!

Go!Go! Cory Carson The Carson Playhouse

cory carson playhouse

It’s time to have fun and learn at the Go! Go! Cory Carson The Carson Playhouse. Wow, your kids are going to love playing with this all summer long! Enjoy the seesaw as you take two of your favorite Cory Carson characters to go up and down or play on the fun tire swing! We love to activate the  PlayZone™location which is right in front of the garage. You can hear each character say fun and unique phrases.

cory carson seesaw

The playhouse is guided by Mama Carson and this encourages your child to have imaginative play. We love that this is perfect for children ages two and up. This means siblings can play together as they explore the Carson Playhouse!

This fun space has 55 fun phrases, songs and melodies for your children to interact with. It also includes Chrissy and Cory who have been having fun outside! Your smallest toddler will use the PlayZone location to encourage early interaction and vocabulary.

Our toddler loved pressing the mailbox to open the special garage door to launch Cory and Chrissy to fun! The details of the Carson Playhouse is so much fun your child will be playing both on sunny days and rainy days, looking for their next big launch. Find out what feature your child will like best!

Go! Go! Cory Carson Characters

Cory Carson friend toys

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What makes summer great is being able to be around all of your friends. Yes, we love these Cory Carson Characters. In this fun friend package, you can have Freddie Firetruck, Halle Copter (our favorite!), Frannie Fenderson, Timmy and Kimmy O’Tool and of course, our number one, Cory Carson.

So what are these fine friends up to this summer? Each of these adorable characters interact with all of the different PlayZones that you may have, This PlayZone mini Character 6-Pack allows your child to see how each character reacts! Each character has its own unique reaction. Your children will be able to press buttons to hear phrases, learn about colours and they can play four sing along songs and six melodies.

We noticed that our toddler used the characters to work on language development. Mimicing sounds, singing along and humming melodies as great as this helps fine motor skills. What a better way to sit out in the sun with your favorite characters!

This is great for ages two to five so siblings can play together, learn skills and interact with their favorite characters from Bumpteron Hills. They will be instantly transported to a world of imagination and Cory Carson! You don’t want to miss all of Cory’s friends for this summer!

Go!Go!Cory Carson Character Halle

We love Cory Carson and if you want to know a secret, Halle is our favorite Cory Carson friend. When you have Halle, you can explore Bumpteron Hills with Cory. We love that when you press Halle’s action button to spin her rotor blades . We love that this adorable character can not only enhance your child’s language development but also help their fine motor skills. Your child will love the imaginative play. This toy is great for children ages two to five years old.

This summer have your children seeing the sights in the skies with our favorite Cory Carson friend, Halle the helicopter!

Go!Go! Cory Carson Freddie’s Firehouse

go!go! cory carson freddies firehouse


When there is an emergency in Bumpterton Hills, Freddie is there to the rescue! Your child can now transport themselves right into Freddie’s Firehouse! Chrissy and Freddie are ready to go on an important rescue mission. The mission has begun! Our toddler made sure that both characters slid down the spiral ramp to safety. This helped them build motor skills. Can they catch Chrissy and Freddie at the end of the slide? Can they put Chrissy and Freddie properly on the top of the slide? It’s these simple movements that will be so educational for your little one.

What we love is you not only need to use Chrissy and Freddie buy any SmartPoint Character (make sure to collect them all!) at the fire house door to hear them talk, light up and play delightful music. We noticed that our little one played well with others and this only enhanced their magical imagination play. This makes a great toy for siblings to play with. Children ages two to five years old are going to love going on summer rescue missions with Freddie Firetruck and the lovable Chrissy Carson!

Go!Go! Cory Carson SmartPoint Cory and Chrissy

go go cory carson toys

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As our child said to us “did you know that siblings can be best friends?” We could not agree more. Cory and Chrissy Carson are like best friends. Cory is the loving older brother while Chrissy is the adorable little sister always ready for an adventure. The Go!Go! Cory Carson SmartPoint Cory and Chrissy are the perfect sibling combination! Your little one will have an awesome adventure with Cory and Chrissy this summer. These two siblings are stackable and interact with each other with adorable conversations. They are easy to bring along on summer trips and on vacations.

It’s time to take Cory and Chrissy on the ultimate summer adventure!

Go! Go! Cory Carson DJ Train Trax and the Roll Train

DJ Train Trax and the Roll Train

Every great summer needs the perfect summer beats! DJ Train Trax is here for your kids to have some fun and exciting dance parties this summer! We need to get our kids moving and dancing and their favorite DJ is the perfect way to start this summer off right.

Take any of your PlayZone activated characters and put them in the DJ booth. They play their very own tunes! Yes, each character has their very own songs. Let your little one be the DJ for the night with all of their favorite Cory Carson friends. This is guaranteed hours of fun and also you will notice your child will start singing! What an amazing memory this character can make for your child and your entire family.

Go! Go! Cory Carson Stay and Play Home

Cory's Stay and Play Home

After a fun day of being out in Bumperton Hills, it is great to be at home. Your kids get to experience the Cory Carson Stay and Play Home.

You can interact in different places in the house. Cory and family can go for a fun bubble bath, or explore the living room! You can interact with the entire house. Your children will learn fine motor skills and they will have hours of imaginative play. We love that Momma Carson is included with this wonderful play set.

The details of this house are amazing. Just look at the beautiful family portrait or search for some of the hidden surprises near the fireplace. We are not telling where, you will have to check it out for yourself.

Go! Go! Cory Carson Character Cory Carson

Whatever summer adventure you are starting, be sure to explore Bumperton Hills or any other outdoor adventure with your very are Cory Carson. Explore Cory’s adorable light-up windshield button. Cory will hear phrases, learn about the color orange and play four adorable sing along songs and six cool melodies! Your little one will inspire language development, imaginative play and motor skills. Imagine, your child’s favorite character ready to go to the park, in the backyard or even on a family vacation.

Cory Carson can help get your child moving, imagining and learning all summer long!

Blues Clues and You!

We are looking for a summer of fun and learning, look no further than Blues Clues and You! From the adorable Blue and his fun and educational adventures.

Blues Clues and You! Skidoo into ABCs BOOK

Wow, parents of toddlers and children, you are going to love this one! Many children during the summer lose critical information that they have learned over the last year. With Blues Clues and You! Skidoo into ABCs Book, your child won’t forget all of these critical skills but also have so much fun over the summer exploring this book.

This beautiful electronic book will be a delight for children ages two and up. It will introduce your little one to their letters, phonics and more in both a playful and an imaginative way. We love that the buttons light up so it can really help introduce your little preschooler to the names of letters, the sounds of letters and the names of different things in a variety of places.

Fabulous Toys To Keep Learning All Summer Long

These fantastic toys will have your child learning all summer long! From Cory Carson toys to Blue Clues’ ABCs, you will have a summer filled with fun, adventure and of course learning. We trust these brands to be fun for your kids but also keep their minds sharp over the summer and ready for the school season.