Crafting for Kindness Movement with The Super Mighty Makers


The greatest gift a parent can teach a young child is the power, beauty and importance of kindness. Being kind to yourself and expressing kindness to others. It’s not only passing love to another person, but it’s giving power to another person. The power that they matter.

TVOKids has launched an all new crafting for kindness series called The Super Mighty Makers! Tune in at 10:30AM ET.

To celebrate this wonderful series, we have participated in the #SuperMightyMovement! In honour/honor of International Kindness Day on November 13th, we have crafted a kindness rainbow for someone really special. Use the hashtag on social media and see what so many people have come up with!


We decided to do this craft with a twist. Currently, I am expecting my second little baby and my first child will not be the “only child anymore.” As a family, we want our first child to know that their new sibling loves them and that they can love this child without worry of jealousy, or attention being taken away. We want to ensure that each child feels loved. Why not introduce kindness before this new child is born? Our first child will feel the love from a baby sibling and our second child will be born into love.

So we crafted this craft twice. Our oldest child crafted the kindness rainbow by saying all of their hopes and dreams for their future sibling. Wishing love, kindness and more was what our oldest came up with.

super mighty makers craft!

In retrospect, I wrote the kindness that my oldest child exudes, the characteristics that my child has that would make a good sibling. My second is not born yet, but my older child feels that love already and this is a great start for my second child to be born into love. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between these two special people in my and my partner’s lives!

Now we challenge YOU our reader to join us on International Kindness Day on November 13th to follow in The Super Mighty Makers mandate and show a kindness craft to complete with your little one! Remember to use #SuperMightyMovement so we can check out your beautiful artwork!

Remember to be confident, be loving and be kind!