Flower Names for Girls

After getting pregnant, and finding out they are having a little girl, parents dive into looking for the perfect baby name. Many people love flower names for girls. They are strong, elegant and beautiful. Flower names make the perfect baby name. We will give you the best flower names for baby girls. From uncommon flower names to pretty flower names, we have it all!

What are some flower girl names?

Check out these top flower girl names that you are going to love!

Flower Names for Girls That Start With A

Acacia – Floral Name

The Acacia is found all over the world in colors including white and yellow. This beautiful flower is hearty and has a lot of uses. This is a strong flower that flourishes in all climates. Consider Acacia for your little girl!

 Aster – Uncommon flower names

Aster is a part of the Daisy family. This tiny flower has a subtle beauty that shines.  They have a purplish color and are restricted to Eurasia. Aster is not as popular as the other flower girl names but it is a strong girl’s name that your family will love.

Floral Names That Start With B

Bluebell Unique Flower Name For Girls

From the hyacinth family, Bluebells are small and pretty and very hearty plants. Bluebell is a unique floral name that people will never forget. If you are looking for something modern and a unique flower name, Bluebell is for you!

Floral Names That Start With C

Clover- Pretty Flower Names

From the Pea family, clovers grow all over the world! They are hearty and are used for many different foods. They are loved by nature. Clover is a cute, sweet two syllabled name that is a rare flower name that any family would love.

Floral Names That Start With D

Dahlia (also can be spelled Dalia) a flower name

This name is whimsical, romantic, just like the beautiful flower. Dahlia is a three syllabled name that provides a lot of strength and femininity. It is a unique floral name that will guarantee to turn heads. Pair this name with a short or long middle name, it has that beauty to work with many names!

Daisy Popular Flower Name

The daisy is not only a very popular flower, it is also a very popular flower name! From the Aster family, the daisy fits in everywhere, from bridal flower bouquets to picking wild flowers for your kitchen table. Its versatility and beautiful sound makes it a top flower name for girls.

Daphne Winter flower name

The winter Daphne grows in small bouquets. This flower is not dainty! It can withstand weather and makes a beautiful staple in any garden. Like a Daphne, your child can be themselves but be strong enough to withstand the storm. A true strong girls name and a perfect name to give a winter baby

Dianella Unique flower names for girls

This name is a rare flower name that could be the perfect name for your daughter! From the lily family, Dianella is a name you would not hear every day but still bring a lot of femininity and strength to your child’s name. This five pointed flower is blue and brings a lot of unique feeling and beauty to any family.

Flower Names That Start With E

Erica Popular Flower Name

Erica may be the feminine version of Eric but it is also the name of a flower! These light purple tiny flowers bloom so beautifully and in abundance. If you are looking for a name to shower your child with an abundance of love, Erica is that common flower name that will do just that. Pair it with a strong middle name and you have a beautiful gift for your daughter.

Flower Names That Start With F

Flossy (Floss Flower)

Flossy was the name of one of the younger Bobbsey Twins from the famous book series, but it is also a rare flower name! The Floss Flower looks like a white fire cracker when you look closely! Its subtle differences to other flowers make it a diamond in the rough. Flossy is a cute name that brings a lot of light and happiness. If you are looking for a rare flower name for girls, choose Flossy!

Freesia (Rare Flower name for Girls)

The Freesia is so elegant and this name exudes this for any little girl! From the Iris family, the Freesia has an intricate design and when you look closer, you see its detailed beauty. What a beautiful metaphor for a child that the true beauty is on the inside. Choose Freesia for your little girl.

Flower Names That Start With H

Heather – Popular Flower Name

Heather is a beautiful purple flower that makes a statement in any garden. This name was very popular in the 1980s but really faded by 2000. This can be the time to rejuvenate this once popular name. Make Heather popular again by choosing this beautiful and strong name for your daughter.

Holly (Christmas name for girls)

Holly is a beautiful plant and is synanomous with Christmas. The Hollyhock flower is also big, beautiful and full of shades of pink and purple. Holly is a strong girl’s name and a beautiful flower name. Choose Holly for your daughter.

Honey (Rare girl’s name)

Honey is a beautiful girl’s name. Named after the honeysuckle, Honey is a happy, bright and full of light name that is guaranteed to give any person a warm smile once they hear it. Honey would make a perfect name for a little girl.

Hyacinth Rare Girls Name

Hyacinths are beautiful flowers and this name was given some life in the 1990s with the star of the show keeping up Appearances in Britain. This is still a rare flower name and has a Latin origin. Choose this name and be different from the rest!

Flower Girl Names That Start With I

Iris Rare Flower Name

This English origin plant was a popular name early last century, but is making a comeback today! The Iris plant is filled with striking blues, some purples and even splashes of whites. These perennials come back every year to stun the admirers. This name would be perfect for your daughter; full of color and light and ready to wow the crowd.

Flower Name For Girls That Start With J

Jasmine – Girl Flower Name

This name brings a warm feeling when you hear it. These small but strong flowers are resilient. Jasmine has a beautiful aroma, is associated with comfort and class. This is the perfect name for any daughter.

Flower Names That Start With L

Lily Beautiful Girls Name

One of the most beautiful flower names, Lily’s are beautiful flowers and this name would be a hit with any family. Lily is that type of name that sounds beautiful paired with a long or a short middle name. Choose Lily for your little girl.

Flower Names That Start With M

Marguerite French Flower Name

This beautiful name is of a French origin. Marguerite’s are a part of the daisy family and they have a beautiful purple flower with a neat yellow/orange middle. Marguerite is great if you have a French background or if you just love the sound of the name. Pair this with a French middle name or a short English name and you will have a beautiful floral girl’s name

Marigold Floral Girls Name

Marigold is a sweet and strong girl’s name. Like the flower, it’s orange, fiery and gives a feeling of warmth and light. Choose Marigold for your little girl.

Flower Names That Start With N

Nolana Beautiful Flower Name

Nolana is a unique flower name. Named after the Chilean Bell Flower, these small blue flowers are strong and elegant. This is a perfect description for a little girl. Choose Nolana for your daughter.

Flower Names That Start With P

Poppy Greek Flower Name

This Greek origin name is a perfect Greek flower name for girls. Poppy’s are resilient, red and have a significant meaning of remembrance in many parts of the world. Choose the name Poppy for your little girl.

Primrose Popular Flower Name

This beautiful name is an old flower name for girls but was made popular with The Hunger Games series. Primrose is an ornamental flower that is a perfect name for a little girl.

Flower Girl Names That Start With R

Rose Popular Flower Name

Rose has been a popular flower name for decades and is gaining in popularity recently. Named after the world’s beloved flower, Roses are strong, beautiful and can stand the test of time. This name is a true compliment to any little girl.

Flower Girl Names That Start With S

Shasta Pretty Flower Names

This name is from the daisy family. Shasta has a lot of life, spunk and is a strong girl’s name. Choose Shasta for your baby girl’s name!

Flower Girl Names That Start With V

Viola Flower Girls Name

These flowers come in so many different varieties and colors. A viola can fit into many different groups and keep up with many different temperatures. This is just like your little girl! It is the greatest compliment to give Viola to a child who you think can fit into any situation and flourish.

Violet Pretty flower name

This name is gaining in popularity. Violets are very beautiful and hearty flowers. This name sounds great with a long middle name. We are seeing this name have a resurgence recently which goes to show this is a timeless baby girl name. Choose Violet for your little girl.

Uncommon Flower Names

Some of the most uncommon flower names include Shasta, Hyacinth, Marigold, Nolana and Fressia. Their names are unique flower names that people will love!

Pretty Flower Names

These Flower names are perfect for your little botanical beauty. From unique floral names to popular flower names, we have them all! Your little girl will have the perfect flower name after you read through our list.

What Is A Dark Name For A Girl?

Dahlia is a dark name for a girl that is a pretty floral name.

What is the Most Attractive Name for A Girl?

Lily is one of the most attractive names for a girl. This flower girl name is very popular right now and can be paired with any middle name and sound absolutely beautiful. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so whatever name you choose will be beautiful.

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