Fairy Science

Fairies like magic and pixie dust. Esther the fairy likes facts and science. Will the land of Pixieville be the place for this budding scientist? This book full of STEM magic and science mystery will not only engage your child in fairies, one of their favorite subjects, but introduce them to a life long passion, of STEM.

Esther Loves Evidence

Esther is not into the magic potion making, pixie dust loving fun the other fairies are into. She loves cold hard facts and evidence. She does not see the joy in magic, but loves educating other fairies about science and math. The other fairies ignore her differences, but when ta forest tree starts to wilt, everything changes.

The poor forest tree is wilting and the other fairies jump right in. They try to use their magic to bring this tree back to its restored beauty. However, it does not bounce back to life. Esther decides to step in and try it help this tree… her way.

By coming up with a different solution, Esther asks questions, does research, makes a hypothesis and tries some experiments. Will she save the tree? Will she be able to be herself in Pixieville?

What We Loved

Ashley Spires has created a book where children realize that magic and mystery and excitement don’t just come from fairy folklore. STEM helps Esther solve problems and this book has so many facets. It hits a child’s love of fairies and the wonderful world they live in. It also reaches out to all of those children who are different and do things differently.

This book reminds these children that they are important and to never change who they are. Fairy Science gives children an amazing introduction into STEM and encourages them not to be afraid of math, sciences, engineering, technology and experiments. The book tells them to embrace these subjects and learn that they can not only help them through school but through life. This is a powerful book that your children will love.


Have your child solve a problem around the house by conducting an experiment. Do you have a sick plant in your house or garden? Why does that bathroom door always creak? Have your children learn how to solve a problem by creating hypotheses and conducting a proper experiment.