V is for voting, to make your voice heard. This is the lesson for your little ones will learn in detail from author Kate Farrell. Your children will learn more than the vote, but the power behind the pencil when you fill out who you want to be your next leader. New from Macmillan, V is for Voting.

From voting history to today’s challenges to overcome, your smallest reader will feel as tall as a tree as they go through each letter of the alphabet to learn about the power of democracy. It is time to raise the next generation of voting conscious citizens.

Why is Voting Important?

On each page your child will see another answer as to why voting is everything for a functional and fair government. Illustrator Caitlin Kuhwald has powerful imagery on each page, including some memorable change makers across the United States.

This book is full of positive, life changing imagery. It also takes each letter and makes it so memorable. It instills in your child that their future vote can make a difference. Both parents and children alike will see how much has happened in the last 100 years and how far we have come. It also teaches all of us how far we need to go so that voting is equal, inflicts change within our communities and in our countries.

Parents can also take the time to further explain each letter, its description and what it means. This is a part of history and your child may just be the next change maker.


Can your child name any of the important people in this book? Find someone in V is for Voting that they do not know and have your child look up this person and tell you about their achievements. How did these people help democracy and voting? How did they make a difference for this country? You will be surprised how much your child learns and respects a change maker from the moment they choose someone to the time they have finished researching this person.

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