Gender Reveal Party Theme Ideas You’ll Love

There are several ways to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a newborn to your family, yet none quite as fun as a gender reveal party. Gender reveals have been trending in recent years as couples want to share the precious moment with friends and families when they find out whether they’re having a boy or a girl. They kind of take the place of a baby shower with a cool twist at the end – the surprise reveal. Part of what makes these parties special is the theme. Keeping guests wondering until the very end is a lot of fun. Here are a few themes you might love:

Pink and Blue

A basic concept would be the pink and blue theme. All the decor would be pink and blue throughout. It can be pink and blue bows, animals, patterns, or whatever you’d like as long as it flows throughout the venue. You can make things interesting by asking your guests to dress in the color that represents the gender they believe the baby is going to be. Then, once you’ve let off the gender reveal smoke bombs the people wearing the color that’s revealed gets a prize.

Cheerleaders and Football Players

Nowadays, guys are also invited to the gender reveal parties. So, why not make it something they can get into? Decorate the entire space with pom poms and cheerleader skirts for girls and footballs and helmets for a boy. Everyone will love the idea. Again, you can get your guests involved by asking them to either wear their favorite football jersey or dress like a cheerleader (or mascot for the guys).

Prince and Princess

If you’d prefer your gender reveal party to be a bit more elegant you can go with a prince and princess themes. There are a ton of party decorations on the market with tiny pink tiaras and blue crowns you can fill up the space with. The guests can be asked to dress more formally for the royal occasion. When you’re ready for the grand reveal just pop the gender reveal confetti cannon to see whether blue or pink confetti will come out.

Hair Bows and Bow Ties

Here’s another cute idea hair bows and bow ties. You can get more creative with color choices if you don’t wish to go the traditional pink and blue and your guests can incorporate bow ties and hair bows into their attire.

Other Ideas

Though going with a typical “boy” vs “girl” theme is fun for a gender reveal party, you really can choose whatever theme you’d like. Acute and gender neutral option is going with a bumble bee idea. The idea – “What’s it gonna bee?”. The true thrill is really in the games, guest participation and the actual reveal so be creative with it and have a ton of fun.

Finding out the sex of your unborn child is very special. It’s even more fun when you can share the news with those closest to you. Instead of throwing a baby shower, consider a gender reveal party instead. It includes a lot of the same concepts with the grand reveal at the end that makes it all worthwhile.