The Button Book

If you press the button, what will happen next? The Button Book is a fabulous story that gets even your youngest of children active and ready to see what happens next!

What Is The Button Book About

Look at this button. what color is it? Most importantly, what happens when you press it? This delightful book by Sally Nicholls gets your children or classroom involved in what happens when you press the colored button. From the onomatopoeia which delights any child, to the different actions each reader can act out, this book is fun but also calming to any family or classroom.

The beautiful animals have discovered a red button. Daring themselves to press it, we see what the red button does. Fun and imaginative illustrations of Bethan Woollvin keep the readers wanting to engage and copy the characters. When we read this to our toddler, they wanted to press each button themselves on the page! This is great for fine motor skills and recollection skills for children. Toddlers will recall colors and sounds and your children will enjoy the dancing and movement of the animals and want to mimic them. From color to imagination to play, The Button Book is an absolute joy for your entire family.

It is great for a classroom too! Have your class act out each button being pressed and what is going happening on each particular page. Another great book by Tundra.


Have your children draw a scene with a colorful button to press. What sound does the button make? What happens when the animals press the magic button? Have your children illustrate a page of a button color of their choice. Have your children write a sentence or two on what is happening and draw what the animals will do when the button is pressed. What sounds do the animals here? What happens? This is a great way to give them presentation skills and help them engage.

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