When Christmas rolls in I will be 36 weeks pregnant…

In my mind, that means I’m cooked. Done. Roll me outta there. It also means my doctor has grounded me, and I won’t be able to travel anymore. Basically I’m too pregnant for Christmas.

But alas, Christmas is coming. And for the first time EVER, we will be spending Christmas at home. Gasp! My family is actually traveling out to California to celebrate the holidays with us.

I love my family, I adore my family. Obviously as my 2 sisters and I started The Daily Soul Sessions together! But I know that I have to be prepared for just how pregnant I will actually be at that time. And even though I have an extremely helpful and supportive family tribe, it’s stressful to “host” a holiday.

It all comes down to the prep work, mama! So here is how I am preparing – how I will survive the holidays 9 months pregnant!

How To Survive The Holidays while 9 Months Pregnant

1.) Plan, Plan, Plan

Having a plan is the best strategy to surviving a potential stressful situation. I have all meals planned out, all daily activities tentatively scheduled, all gifts bought, all bedrooms designated, and a plan to getting them guest ready far in advance of when my family descends (See #3!). I’m just too pregnant for procrastination.

2.) Just Say No

Since we are staying home this year, a lot of our friends here in Southern California who always stay here want to get together. And while there may be one or two events I can handle, I’m definitely not afraid to just say no.

These are people who love and care about me, and they completely understand that when I say no, I say it with thanks and love and I’m too pregnant to say yes to anything.

3.) Ask For and Expect Help

Normally when I host guests (even family!) in my home, I try to take care of all their potential needs before they arrive. And even throughout their stay. But this year, I will be asking for a lot of help. And I’ll be expecting it. Mom, I will for sure be taking you up on your offer to deep clean my kitchen this year!

I’ll also allow myself to go ahead and hire a house cleaner to come in and take care of some of the dirty work that needs to be done – both before guests arrive and after they leave. Reach out to friends who use someone they know and trust, and just hire them already. It’s worth the expense. I promise!

4.) Go To Bed Early

Holidays get crazy. And fun. And full of wine. At least in my family they do. Normally, I’m right there with everyone until the bitter end. But this year, even when everyone is still up and going strong in my house, I will be heading to bed early. Or at least at my normal preggo bed time.

You have to take care of yourself, mama. Things will only start to spiral downhill if you don’t continue your self care routine while you’re pregnant. I really REALLY don’t want to over-exert and exhaust myself. It only ends badly with swollen feet, strong braxton hicks, and falling asleep at the dinner table.

5.) Let Guests Do Their Thing…And Don’t Feel Guilty About It!

Since long activities aren’t really working for me these days (I’m waaaaaay in the “lounge on the couch with my feet up as much as possible” stage), I’ll be letting everybody know it’s totally ok for them to go do their thing.

Do they want to go shopping? Go to the beach? See a movie? Make a list of all the fun things to do in your city, print it out and send them on their merry way. If they’re feeling guilty leaving you, just tell them to go during your MUCH NEEDED nap time. If you’re feeling guilty for not joining…just don’t. You’re way too pregnant for guilt, lady.

6.) Don’t Eat For “Two”

This one is a hard one, especially during the holidays! There is so much great food at every single meal of the day, and sometimes eating is the only “fun” thing we get to indulge in right now! However, I have made the SERIOUS mistake of over-indulging.

We recently went to a holiday party that was mostly an appetizer event. I happily and confidently munched my way through all the appetizers. And then went back for 2nds. And maybe 3rds. Yeah. 9. Months. Pregnant.

The problem with this is most appetizers and holiday foods are super rich, super salty, and super heart-burn inducing. I was up all night just miserable! Sleep is hard enough to find these days without having to down a bottle of tums at 3am. And I did it to myself! UGH!

So try to restrain yourself as much as you can.

I’ll be right there sacrificing with you. Staring longingly at the flowing red wine and 2nd plate of bacon wrapped lil’ smokies….knowing that in 4 short weeks, I can eat and drink and be merry with the rest of ’em! Including a brand new little babe…

Cheers, mama and good luck to us all!


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