Ocean! Waves For All

Dude, this is about the ocean! It has many names, but this huge mass of excellence has ready to teach your child all about it! Ocean! Waves for All is a book that is fun, trendy but gives some incredible facts about the ocean.

Keep Your Oceans Clean

Author Stacy McAnulty has made sure that your children will learn some incredible facts about the ocean. Written in a fun and relatable way, your child will be immersed in how deep the ocean is and so many incredible facts. Illustrator David Litchfield has vibrant, beautiful pictures that have so many details, your children’s eyes will be dancing across every page.

An important lesson that the reader is taught is how much garbage is in the ocean and how over fishing is destroying the ecosystem. This is a big realization for children to start being mindful of what we buy, not to litter and to encourage children to be aware of how much plastic is hurting our oceans.


Extra Credit

Go to the nearest water body near you, Whether it is a pond, lake or ocean, what do you see when you peer into it? Are there fish and plant life? Can you see the bottom? Have your child draw what they saw during your outing. Have them record any litter that may be in the pond, lake or ocean. How can we fix that problem?

Ocean! Waves for All

We recommend this book for every child to learn about the ocean and why we have more pictures of Mars than the deepest depths of the ocean. Such a fun book from Macmillan full of knowledge and great illustrations, a great recipe for a book to stay in your family for a long time.


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