Making your own Duct Tape Bag is a fabulous way to create a DIY project that all of your friends will envy! Create with your children or do it on your own with Duct Tape Bags. With other 40 projects for totes, clutches, messenger bags and bowlers, this book will be hours of fun!

duct tape bags

Whether you are creating the perfect gift for a friend or just spoiling yourself, Making Your Own Duct Tape Bags is a unique and fun way to express yourself! Learn about patterns, styles and securing seams. This book is detailed, easy to use for even the beginning crafter and most of all, fun to reproduce a beautiful purse for you to use

Our favorite part of this book is the templates in the back which is perfect for the beginning crafter. We also love the step by step detail into making your bag. This book is great for the experienced crafter also and is filled with great tips and facts that will help you make the perfect bag.

Surprise your friends and family with your very own Duct Tape Bag!