Martino Cartier : The Man Behind The Brand


Martino Cartier is someone who breaks all molds and defies traditional stereotypes. Adopted at birth, he spent much of his childhood with an abusive father. Many years later he will find the opportunity to retrace his roots and go back to where he came from. We are all a product of both our upbringing and our ancestry- listen to this episode and you will be inspired to find out where you are most deeply rooted! You will also get one of the easiest and best curly girl tips ever!!


Show Notes for Martino Cartier

[00:38] Martino’s first act of service

  • Martino’s foster father became very abusive after losing their business
  • He remembers getting beat up by his father and being bullied by his classmates
  • One day, a lady came by his first salon along with his kid. When she returned, he noticed that she doesn’t look okay and said that her son has a rare form of cancer.
  • Martino did a “cut-athon” to raise $5000 for her son. Eventually, he raised $22,000.

[08:28] Granting a wish for a girl named Kiki

  • They tried to get Justin Bieber for 7 months to fulfill her with with but nobody wants to grant it
  • Someone steps up and sold his two meet and greet front-row tickets for $5500.
  • Kiki’s last request before dying was she doesn’t want to be forgotten
  • Martino called his friend who is the president of O.P.I. nail polish to name one of their product as “Kiki’s Dream”

[14:08] Martino shares his curly hair tips

  • Curly hair loves hydration. Don’t rinse your conditioner.
  • Martino shares how to have summertime curls even if you live in a state with cold weather

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