Winn Claybaugh has been CEO of Paul Mitchell Hair Salons Schools for two decades so he knows hair and beauty.  But he also knows people and is a man of big ideas, big dreams and a big heart. We can all learn from each other but some of us are natural motivators; Winn Claybaugh has been named by CNN as one of the top motivational speakers!   Listen to this podcast and you will  understand why.  He truly believes in making a difference and his words of wisdom resonate so deeply .  I like to call it wisdom with heart and soul- see if you agree!

Winn Claybaugh Show Notes

[02:15] – How he teaches his kid everything happens for a reason
  • There is so much fear the world right now.
  • Winn wants to be part of the solution instead by spreading hope.
[03:25]- How he reassures his kid and more about fear and love
  • As a parent, we need to look at it and see how to come out of this pandemic stronger.
  • Fear has many faces: anger, bad manners, settling for less, etc.
  • This is just a bump in the road. We have the opportunity.
  • Find a different way to respond with love.
[08:26] – This is how he occupies the time of his only child
  • Winn is now her Science and P.E. teacher.
  • We need to go overboard to interject the fun, play, and imagination, and let things go about keeping a clean house.
  • They need to feel that they’re safe.
  • Children don’t want things. They want time from us.
[12:00] – When did he learn how to govern with love
  • To this day, happiness doesn’t come to him naturally.
  • There must be certain things that he has to do everyday to feel balanced, and happy.
  • Get the right mentors.
[15:26] – Three basic human needs
  • People need to feel safe.
  • People need to belong.
  • People need to feel that they have a purpose.
[20:20] – Paul Mitchell and his role in the company
  • Winn opened his first salon 38 years ago, barely graduated from high-school, and never been a great hairdresser.
  • He is the youngest recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the North American Hairdresser Association.
  • 38 years ago, he had some money to invest. What’s cool about the beauty industry is he never felt the rejection.
  • He opened his first hair school 36 years ago. He was approached to be a partner in 2001 and now they have hundreds of schools.