The Wicklow Project

We love businesses with a lot of heart and The Wicklow Project has just that. This is a Vancouver, Canada based children’s clothing company who puts little ones first.  These collectively conscious clothing makes sure your child is stylish and safe! From the adorable allergy free tee shirts to their anti-bullying shirts, this clothing line is great for babies, children and adults alike.

Designing Shirts for Food Allergies

As parents of children with food allergies, it is constantly on your mind what your child will be eating. Whether they are at a sleep over, friend’s house or even at school, a child can offer another child something to eat that they may be allergic to. For some children, this can be a situation of life and death. Schools and communities do their best to protect their children, but sometimes a fashionable reminder can go that extra mile. That is why we love The Wicklow Project.

Tiny Humans

The Mommy + Me Tiny Human Line is adorable! The children’s onesies and tee shirts say “tiny human” while the parents shirts say “Protecting Tiny Human”. Coupled with an adorable design, these shirts and comfortable and trendy.

Behind The Brand

Owner and Designer Karen Luk is not only an incredibly talented entrepreneur, she is a Mom. She, like many Moms, had concerns about her child who had food allergies possibly being given food that would trigger an allergic reaction.  Knowing what a child with food allergies go through, Karen began the Wicklow Project. Named after her daughter’s middle name (a beautiful town in Ireland, look it up!) a great brand was born. It exudes style, positivity and conscious care. We could not be more excited!

The Wicklow Project is now one of our favorite fashion lines. We love brands that really make a difference. If you order over $100 CAD, shipping is free world wide.

The Wicklow Project is a brand that represents real families that love style, comfort and positive messaging. Choose The Wicklow Project for your family!

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