As parents, we look for books that are going to make an impact on our life. My Picture Perfect Family: What Happens When One Twin Has Autism has done just that. This memoir is by Marguerite Elisofon and is a memoir about raising her amazing twins. One of these twins has autism.

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We enjoyed that this book was candid about the triumphs and challenges that life presents when you have a child who is on the autistic spectrum. This family stuck together through thick and thin. Raw, honest and full of integrity, this book will be a great friend to parents who have children with autism. We also like the splash of humor that Marguerite offers. Her daughter goes from a child who does not communicate in the way we understand to a college bound teenager! Samantha and her family touch our hearts but they spare no details about the journey it was raising a child on the spectrum.

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Families will find this book inspiring, honest and uplifting. To purchase My Picture Perfect Family click here.

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