Most Popular Boy Names

When parents find out that they are having a baby, the great search for a fun baby name begins! A lot of parents look at the most popular boys names to get inspiration. From statistics across the country, we have collected the most popular boy names. We have baby names, meanings and origins to help you make the best choice for your baby.


Matthew is number 20 on our top baby boy names. It is a name that is popular in many parts of the world but it has a Hebrew origin. Meaning “gift from God”, Matthew is a two syllable name that is traditional. It is also considered a biblical name as Matthew is one of the name of Jesus’ disciples. Mathew works wonderfully with a long or a short middle name. This name also works well with traditional or new and trendy names as well. Choose Matthew for your little guy!


Aiden is number 19 on the most popular boy name list. We have seen Aiden climb in the last fifteen years to this spot. Aiden is an Irish boy name that means “little fire”. This name will inspire a child to be a leader and someone who starts new trends and does not follow them. Aiden is a two syllable boy name that sounds beautiful with a unique or exotic boy name. Feel free to get creative and go with a long middle name or two middle names. Aiden is one of those versatile names that sounds great with just about anything! Choose Aiden for your little boy.


Sebastian is number 18 on our top boy list. Sebastian comes from the Latin name Sebaste. What is really interesting about this name is it means “from Sebaste.” Sebaste was a region located in present day Turkey. The name was originally meant to show where someone was from, but it became a name that so many people love. In Greek, Sebastian means “vulnerable.” This four syllabled name is long and is a favorite of many cultures. Sebastian would go so well with a short middle name that is trendy and new. Our exotic boy name list is a perfect way to find that perfect name. Choose Sebastian for your baby boy!


Jackson is number 17 on our top popular baby boy name list. This name has seen a surge in the last five years! It has an English origin and means “son of Jack or John”. A lot of first names and surnames actually have simple meanings. Before last names, a way to identify a person was to have the place they were from or the father or Mother’s name in the last name themselves. Jackson is no exception to this rule. This two syllabled name is fun and vibrant. It was and still is a British surname but we find more and more people using it as a first name. Jackson would be paired beautifully with a traditional or a unique baby name that is either long or short. We love the name Jackson and it would be a great name for your baby!


Henry is number 16 on our top list for boy names! Henry has a German origin that means “Ruler of The Home”. This name is not only popular because of Prince Harry but we see it gaining popularity all over the world. Henry is a two syllabled boy name that pairs nicely with both a long traditional name and a short unique name. Henry is sometimes seen as a nickname but it is, in itself, a proper name as well. It is no secret why Henry is liked so much by people from all over the world. Choose Henry for your baby boy.

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Daniel is number 15 on our most popular baby boy names list. Daniel is a name of a Hebrew origin. This name means “God is my judge.” It is a popular biblical boy name, as Daniel was one of the disciples of Jesus. Daniel has his own book in the Bible and is seen as a hero. This name has two syllables and works with a middle name that is both a traditional or unique boy name. Daniel has a nick name of Dan which is very easy to pronounce and works well into adulthood. Choose Daniel for your little boy.


Michael is number 14 on the most popular baby boy names list. Michael has been on the popular boys name since the 1940s! It has also been number one on the most popular boys list for years. Michael has a Hebrew origin meaning “who is like God.” This is a strong baby name. Michael is a Biblical boy name. St. Michael was the arc angel who leads all other angels. This name has so much meaning and history. Michael is a two syllabled name that sounds great with any unique or traditional middle name. Michael has been a popular baby name for so many years, choose Michael as a name for your little boy.


Jacob is number 13 on our most popular baby names list for boys! Jacob has a Hebrew origin. Meaning “supplant”, this name carries a lot of meaning. Superseding and replace is such a strong meaning for a boy name. Jacob is another Biblical boy name.  Jake is the nickname of Jacob and works throughout your son’s life. Paired with another traditional baby name. Jacob is a perfect name for your little boy! Choose Jacob for your little baby.


Ethan is number 12 on the popular boy name list. Ethan has a Hebrew origin. This name means “strong” so this name packs a punch. This two syllabled boy name would sound great with a long middle name that is either unique or traditional. Ethan is a Biblical name and is the name of many people in the Old Testament in the Bible. Whether you are religious and are looking for a great boy name or you just love the way Ethan sounds, choose this name for your baby!


Alexander is number 11 on our popular baby boy list! Alexander has a Greek Origin. This strong boy name means “defender” and it has a long history of popular Alexanders that live up to the name. Alexander the Great is one of the most popular men in history. Alex is the nickname for Alexander. This four syllable name is perfect for anyone who has a short middle name in mind. Choose Alexander for your baby’s name!



Logan is number 10 on our top baby boy names list. Logan has been growing as a popular names list for over fifteen years! Logan originates from Scotland is a Scottish surname! As times have changed, many surnames become popular first names. Meaning “small hollow”, Logan brings strength, wisdom and calm to any boy name. It is said that the little hollow name is an origin in Ayrshire, which is south Scotland. Logan is two syllables and sounds great with a long traditional name or a long unique boy name. Whether you have Scottish heritage or your just love the name, choose Logan for your little boy’s name!


Mason is number 9 on the top baby boys list! Mason originates from the English origin meaning “worker in stone.” Mason traditionally was a surname, but we have seen a surge in popularity for it as a first name. This strong boys name has a neat nick name, Madon, which is quite interesting. Recently, it comes with many spelling variations, but none as popular as this one. Mason has skyrocketed on the most popular boys list in the last ten years and we foresee it staying a while as well. Mason is a two syllabled boy’s name that would sound wonderful if paired with a traditional middle name of any length.  Choose Mason as your baby boy’s name!


Lucas is number 8 on our top baby boys list! This name is of Greek and Latin origin. It means “person from Lucania” which is another place based name meaning. Lucas also comes with the meaning “illumination” or “light giving”. This name gives a lot of hope and positive feelings to anyone who understands its meaning. Lucas’ nickname is “Luke” which is cool and crisp and easy to pronounce. Choose Lucas for your boy’s name!


Elijah is number 7 on the most popular baby boy names list.  This name means “My God is YAHWEH”. Elijah is a Biblical Boys name. This name was after a prophet and a miracle worker in the Books of Kings in the Hebrew Bible. Elijah has been steadily climbing for over twenty years! This sweet boys name has three syllables and would sound great with both a traditional or unique middle name. Choose Elijah for your baby boy!


Benjamin is number 6 on our top boys name list. Benjamin has a Hebrew origin and means son of the south. This Biblical boys name comes from the Old Testament. Benjamin was the youngest son of Jacob and founded one of the southern tribes of the Hebrews. This name with a lot of history is still popular to this day and has been climbing over the last few years! Benjamin’s nickname can be “Ben” or “Benny” which has a great ring to it. Benjamin has three syllables and sounds wonderful with a shorter traditional middle name. Choose Benjamin for your baby boy!


Oliver is number 5 on our top boys list. Oliver has an English origin. The meaning of Oliver is simple, the olive tree. Remember that an olive branch means an offer of peace to another person.  If you are looking for a name that represents a peacemaker, someone who is rational in thought and kind and a leader, Oliver is a perfect name for your son. Oliver has three syllables and we are seeing some great traditional and unique baby middle names.  Choose Oliver for your son’s baby name.


James is number 4 on our popular boys name list. James is a Hebrew baby name and means “grasping the heel”. This name is also a royal name. We see a lot of members named James in the English Royal Family. The nickname of James is Jamie. James is also a Biblical name and holds a lot of meaning for those who are Christian. This one syllable name pairs great with a traditional or a unique middle name of any length.


William is number 3 on our popular baby boy names list. William is originally from an Old High German name. It means “determination” which is a strong baby name. William became very popular in England once the Normans introduced it to them. We see many Royal family members who bare this name. Nicknames for William included “Will” or “Bill”. This two syllable name is often paired with one or two traditional baby boy middle names. We find that some couples use long middle names as well. If you want to be unique, give your William a short and unique middle name! Whatever you choose will sound wonderful. Choose William for your baby boy’s name.


Noah is number 2 on the top baby boys list. Noah is a Hebrew name that means “rest”. This is a name that brings calm and leadership to any family. Noah is a Biblical Boys name. The story of Noah’s Ark is a powerful one that many families like. A flood is coming and Noah must gather two of every animal as told by God. As Noah does this, he goes against what many of the community is thinking and he is saved. Noah gives the impression that he is a leader, is calm under pressure and follows his heart, even with others going against him. Noah is a two syllable name that we have often seen paired with a short traditional name. Choose Noah for your baby boy’s name.

Most Popular Baby Boy Name: Liam

Liam is the most popular baby boy name! Based on those naming their children over the last year, Liam has jumped to the number one spot! Do you like the name Liam? This is an Irish based name that means “protector” or “strong willed warrior.” This strong baby name is a favorite among families. This two syllable name is paired with a traditional middle name. Whatever you choose will sound wonderful. Liam is the most popular boy’s name!

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