As a global magazine we encourage all of our readers to teach their children about different cultures and countries. It is such a gift that your child knows about the world around them and even though they may not visit every country on the planet, it is important to understand them . This is why we love The Tiny Traveler. We have The Tiny Traveler Japan written and illustrated by Misti Kenison and we know it will be a hit with your preschooler and you!


Your toddler will follow an exciting nature journey across Japan. From the tiniest bonsai to the peak of Mount Fuji, your child will learn beautiful sites across Japan in nature. We love bold colours/colors to attract your child and how the book encourages literacy at such a young age. Your child will find this book easy to follow along with and pick up on some new key words along the way.

To go on this Tiny Traveler adventure, click here!