We start off this week’s finds of top parenting blogg posts (other than the great writers on our site) with our Blogger of The Year, Momma’ Braga’s post with Furbaby and Baby Introduction. It can be done!

Dear Agony Dad has a video on how to let his little one poop in peace. Hilarious!

One Hull of a Dad posts an interesting article to parents. Is it really fair to keep a child doing something that they hate?

DIY Daddy has an insightful post, Premature babies, a Dad’s View.

The Lipstick Print touches on an important issue, making friends AFTER having kids!

One Hull of A Mum speaks the truth when she writes about how a woman changes after giving birth.

Dad Sense gives us a candid post about the seen things he has learned in the last seven months.


This post from Drooling Daddy sparked a lot of conversation with many of us. Apparently, this Happy Baby Song can calm your baby right down! What do you think?

Let Bizzie Beans inspire you this week. Have we lost sight of love?