Go! Go! Cory Carson Freddie’s Firehouse

It’s time to be a hero with little Freddie and Cory Carson’s sister Chrissy with Go! Go! Cory Carson Freddie’s Firehouse! Together, Fantastic Freddie and his friend Chrissy will come to the rescue of anyone in need. This fun Firehouse is jam packed with fun things to do.

Freddie’s Firehouse

Both Chrissy and Freddie are super excited to be on an adventure with Freddie’s Firehouse! With over 55 fun phrases, songs and melodies, your little one will have hours of fun with this exciting Firehouse. Another great place of Bumperton Hills, Freddie’s Firehouse is ready to save. Both Freddie and Chrissy interact with different places in the Fire House. Our favorite spot is the fire hose which spins the characters and plays sounds!

PlayZone -Go! Go! Cory Carson Freddie’s Firehouse

This toy is very important! Since it is Bumperton Hills, that means that it is a building that interacts with the mini characters. Place Chrissy or Freddie on any of the special spots or the SmartPoint and watch them respond to the location of the playset.

You can also use other toys that you have purchased to interact with this PlayZone too! Yes, those other Cory Carson toys by Vtech interact easily with each and every PlayZone, including Freddie’s Firehouse!

Skills Your Child Will Learn

Your child will learn fine motor skills as Chrissy and Freddie race down the twisty race way and they will learn to place Cory Carson toys on the SmartPoint in the PlayZone.

Children will also learn language skills as Freddie says phrases like “When the siren rings, I am on the way!”

They will also love the songs and melodies and learn to sing and dance along with some of their favorite characters.

We love Cory Carson and Freddie the Fire Truck and Chrissy Carson teach your children to have fun, be heroes, rescue others and of course, learn amazing new skills. A great toy for ages 2 and up.

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