Juan has The Jitters

When Juan has the Jitters, everyone makes sure that they see things from his perspective. A book teaching wisdom and inclusivity and the power of kindness. This book makes our world a better place for those with autism and those who do not have autism.

What It’s About

Juan has autism and he claps his hands to get his jitters out. Jitters make his tummy swirl and swoosh and no one likes that. Juan really gets the jitters when there is too many people, when the noise is too loud for him or that he has changes to his normal routine. Juan is especially jittery because tomorrow is the big Athletic  Event planned at school. How will he, his teacher and fellow students help Juan feel included in the big day? His friends have a plan and this is a beautiful story of inclusion, neurodiversity and bringing the world a little closer together.

Who Is This Book For?

It’s for everyone! From the family with autism looking for ways to feel included in their community to the community around them to learn about people who think differently. The world is a better place with autistic people and we are excited to see families and communities come together to learn how to accept, interact, live and love with neurodiversity.

Author Aneta Cruz really knows how to make everyone feel included in a realistic setting. This is one of many ways communities can include and love all people who are on the spectrum.

Illustrator Miki Yamamoto creates adorable characters that bring the reader right into the situation. They are relatable and diverse, so everyone feels like they are a part of the book.

This autism friendly book should be in every personal library and every school bookshelf! For pre K to Grade 4. An inspiring story from North Atlantic Books.

Extra Credit

Have your children come up with 3 ideas that can be neurodiverse and inclusive of all people that they can do at school, at home or in their community.

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