These sewer loving agents of S.U.I.T. are surrounded by scourging supervillains! The Investigators team, Mango and Brash are trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of a famous baker. With all of these twists and turns, will they ever find the answer to the mystery?

Who are Mango and Brash?

These two Alligators are agents of The Special Undercover Investigation Teams, better known as S.U.I.T. Both Brash and Mango have playful banter as they get into some awesome adventures while trying to solve a case.

What is Investigator’s latest adventure?

Chef Mustachio Gustavo is missing and he has not been seen in two weeks! Mango and Branch must find what happened to him and make sure that his secret recipes are still safe!

From Scientist Bob to a crumbly villain, your child will love each chapter more and more. Will they solve the case before time runs out?

The Investigators Help Children Read

The Investigators are a fun and adventurous chapter comic book that can be exciting for even the most reluctant of reader. Whether reading is a breeze for your child or they struggle, The Investigators will be a great introduction for chapter book reading. The hilarious plot and exciting illustrations by John Patrick Green make the Investigators a hit with so many children.

This book bonds children of all reading levels and give abstract concepts to enhance your child’s reading capabilities. Make sure to find out who kidnapped Chef Gustavo and be ready to solve the mystery! We love this book by Macmillan Press.

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