Empowering Songs For Kids

Music motivates people, it makes people happy and inspires others. For children, finding the perfect band or singer can be life changing. Empowering songs for kids can motivate them to dance longer, sing louder and feel like they can achieve anything. Music from the past and present can be equally inspiring. Your child should be exposed to all genres of music from all times so they can learn as much as there is to do with music.

Music can be therapy, a safe space, a way to express themselves and so much more. Let’s dive in on empowering songs for kids that we just love.

Empowering Disney Songs For Kids

For some children, Disney movies are the first exposure to memorizing and singing songs. The rhythm, beat, singing and positive messaging can have children falling in love with music for years to come.Disney movies have been around for decades, inspiring generations of families. From the Walt Disney World Resorts to the toys and movies, the songs are remembered by children all over the world.

Many Disney songs have a positive spin. So much so that empowerment is a common theme in Disney movie songs. Here are some of the positive Disney Songs for kids.

What Else Can I Do? Encanto

Encanto is a beautiful movie about belonging. Kids all over the world loved the movie and could not stop singing the songs. Children can relate to this wonderful song. What else can you do when you are living in the moment or trying something new but to listen to this song?


For The First Time In Forever- Frozen 1

Frozen took the world by frenzy. Children everywhere could not stop singing these wonderful songs. It is because they are empowering for kids. From the catchy tunes to the passion in every song, children everywhere could relate. For the First Time In Forever spoke to children. Instead of seeing this as a person finding “the one”, your child may interpret this for a new friendship, or realizing they are not the only one out there thinking a certain way.

Let It Go- Frozen

Let go of your fears and jump right in! This song in the movie Frozen can motivate your child and empower them through any stressful situation. Children everywhere gravitated to this song when it first came out. It meant being yourself no matter what anyone thought. However, it also talked about hiding who you were for such a long time. Children everywhere were able to “let it go” and be empowered by the song from Frozen.

Part of Your World

Disney’s The Little Mermaid was an absolute hit when it came out. Coming of age Ariel just wanted to go to land to see if she could get her prince. The Song Part of Your World is inspiring kids to reach their dreams, even though it does not have to include being with someone else! Become the doctor, writer, business owner they want to be. Reach for the stars with anything they want to do.  Ariel brought the passion behind the song and it is an instant classic for families all over the world.

Touch The Sky

When we meet the young Mirada from Disney’s Brave, this red haired strong girl brought one of the best empowering song for kids out there. This character makes sure that she goes for her dreams, even though no one in her close circle agrees. She stands up for what she knows is right and she goes out there to touch the sky. This exciting song is just one of many from Disney’s Brave.

How Far I’ll Go

Moana was about family history, culture and a lot of adventure. When she takes her journey, everyone is glued to the screen. In the song, ” How Far I’ll Go”, challenges the audience to be empowered with whatever they are doing and shoot for the stars. Even if the journey is scary, harrowing or scary, you stay empowered and make it happen. It’s no secret why this amazing song has over one billion views!


Almost There

The Princess and The Frog is fun, enchanting but never lets you forget what hard work and determination looks like. Tiana has a dream and she works so hard to achieve it. It gives children a reality that dreams are earned with determination and hard work. Sometimes, you have to empower your own spirit when no one else will. Other times, you can have a great support system cheering you on. Almost There teaches children to work smart, stay focused and achieve those goals. This is one of the best empowering songs for children.

Whistle While You Work

The seven dwarfs are quirky, fun and lovable characters who don’t shy away from hard work doing what they do best. Their catchy song Whistle While You Work has been a song that generations have sung happily. It is upbeat, empowering and is something great to hum while you get the job done.

These Disney songs are a few of the favorite empowering songs for kids. Many have been inspiring for generations and all of them will continue to inspire for generations to come. Each of these songs has the power to get stuck in your head and keep you singing while you go out there and achieve what you want.

Pop Empowering Songs For Kids

Pop music is the popular music at the time. Some of the songs become timeless but they are all upbeat and well loved by children and adults alike. These bops can get stuck in your head, make you smile, dance and inspire you. These are some of the pop songs that get your kids out of their seats, dancing and dreaming about what they want to do tomorrow, next year or through out their life. These songs will empower them through the tough times and be their celebration anthem during the good times. Let’s look at some of the pop empowering songs for children.

Roar Katy Perry

Wow, this song can get you ready to take on anything! Roar by Katy Perry gets everyone out of their seats. It teaches children to take on their fears and know that they have the eye of the tiger inside of them too. So let your kids let out a big ROAR and get inspired to this pop song.

Pharrell Williams Happy

This wonderful song puts everyone in a good mood, ready for their day. Happy gets everyone out of their chairs and ready to dance. It is a great song to start off your day so you begin the day feeling empowered. Everyone knows the words to this song and everyone can hum along to it while working or just feel happy. Use this song to start off your empowering day on the right side!

I Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas

Get your night started out right with I Gotta Feeling By The Black Eyed Peas. This song knows how to bring up everyone’s mood. This song is also empowering for your children. It puts them in the right mindset to accomplish tasks or take on challenges. We love that this song knows how to pump up your kids. It’s going to be a good night every night with this song.

When I’m Gone- Anna Kendrick

This is one of those songs that you can’t get out of your head. Similarly, it is one of those videos that you will never forget! Playfully known as “Cups”, this video and song amazed millions of people. It also is a song that teaches children about their worth and to always value themselves. Knowing your worth and value is an empowering feeling for children. It is definitely a song that people of all ages will love.

Girl on Fire Alicia Keys

This song is on fire! Alicia Keys brings it as usual with this upbeat empowering song. Even though it is about a girl, anyone can relate to this wonderful song about chasing their dreams. Sometimes the climb is the most inspiring part about the whole journey, even though the finish line feels really good. This song will empower your kids to go for it!

The Climb Miley Cyrus

When this song came out, it was an immediate hit. Everyone can relate to a journey that can be very hard. Fewer of us know the taste of completing a task or goal and how good it feels when we made it. However, this song teaches your children that the climb to the goal is the best part. Similarly, children will learn to remember the climb and never give up. Sometimes, we have to pause and be thankful for the climb to the top.

It can be hard to reflect, but this is a perfect song to remember not to worry when things get tough during the climb. Pause and remember that this is all apart of the journey.

Firework Katy Perry

This song will get your kids pumped up with pride! Firework by Katy Perry is addictive, it will get stuck in your head. This is a good thing because it will mean that the morale of reaching for the sky will get your kids excited to achieve their dreams. A perfect empowering song for kids.

Beautiful Christina Aguilera

For the child who feels down and needs a pick me up, Beautiful by Christina Aguilera is the song that makes your child know that they are amazing, not matter what bullies and nay sayers are saying. This song will bring you up when you are feeling down.

Taylor Swift Shake If Off

Don’t sweat the small stuff kids! When people are being mean and trying to bring you down, singing sensation Taylor Swift reminds you that your haters really don’t matter. Shake off their negative energy and move forward. They are not a piece to your puzzle and what you are empowered to do is the real deal, no matter what anyone thinks.

Empowering Songs For Little Kids

Inspiring the little kids when they are young is one of the greatest gifts that you can give them to soar. For those little ones ages one to five, here are a few songs to lift their spirits and empower their minds.

Sesame Street Bruno Mars Don’t Give Up

If you have something that seems to be hard to do, make sure not to give up! Bruno Mars and your favorite Sesame Street characters are here to inspire your littlest kids to never give up, even when a situation feels tough. This life lesson learned early is truly the greatest gift.

Think Like A Puppy

This adorable song is not only catchy, it has a great take away. Think Like A Puppy reminds your children about the beauty of acceptance, friendship and respect. This is a song that relates to your little ones and something that they will be singing all day long. These are life long lessons best learned early!

Mozart for Babies Development

Empowerment can come from the most upbeat music, but also the slow and steady strums of a guitar, the playing of a piano and so much more. Classical music bonds us and can be a great empowerment song for children. Mozart for Babies Development has your little babies brain singing as they go through out their day. Empowerment can be the first time your child walks, smiles or gets through a really hard day.

It’s no surprise why this song has millions of hits on YouTube.

Happy Background Music For Kids

This musical choice is great for young children who are looking to start their day off right. Having the power to start your day with happiness and feeling powerful can be all of the difference in the world. Happy Background Music For Kids sets the tone of your day. This music is excellent for babies and young children.

Empowering Songs For Kids

Children need motivation and to feel like they can be in control over their dreams and ambitions. Empowering songs for kids can motivate your child to not sweat the small stuff, stay focused and stay confident in their skin and who they are. Empowering songs for kids can be anything from putting your child in a good mood that day to that extra push to motivate them to achieve their dreams. Music can be a motivator, a mentor and even a friend.

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