Springtime is the perfect time to brush off the dreariness of winter and get outside with your kiddos to try some new activities!

The toddler age is hard, though—they aren’t quite old enough for some major outdoor activities, but they have a TON of energy and love to “help out”. Which typically means getting in the way, right?

Here are our top 5 favorite springtime activities to do with toddlers. The trick is to have plenty of patience and bring your sense of humor. And know that they are loving learning and playing with you! Don’t worry too much about the mess or the outcome—it’s all about the journey, Mama!

5 Springtime Activities To Do With Toddlers

1.) Plant a Caprese Salad Garden (or any garden!)
Take a family trip to your local hardware or garden store and scoop up some beautiful plants to pot. Any plant will do, but we love the idea of a themed garden—like this Caprese Salad Container Garden (click link for full “how-to!”). Geraniums are super easy to pot and grow. And most herbs are fun because you get to harvest them as well!

2.) Take Nature Walks
Click here to download our Nature Walk Checklist. It’s a free printable (or you can just save it to your phone) with a list of things to check off as you take an adventure walk with your kids! Make a leisure walk more fun and more purposeful…no more saying “Hurry up! Hurry up!” The point is to take your time 🙂

Click HERE for your Free printable of a Nature Walk Checklist with the kids. Perfect for toddlers and older kids. A checklist of fun things to look for, to collect, and to do on your daily walks. Make walks with the kids more fun, more enjoyable and less of a "hurry up! hurry up!" moment with this free printable! Or simply save it to your phone and take it with you. www.TheDailySoulSessions.com

3.) Play “Finding Nemo”
If your house is anything like mine, all things Nemo are beloved. One of Sloane’s favorite activities is to fill up a plastic tub with a couple of inches of water and take all of her fish toys outside. She can spend a full hour or more just playing with her fish-ies. And octopus. And turtles. Bath toys work great for this—bonus points if you have some actual characters from the movie. (I have plenty, so just head on over to our house!)

4.) Picnics In The Park
Around 11am, pack up a picnic lunch (make it super easy, hand held bites) and head to your nearest park. We love our enclosed one down the street because I’m able to sit with my newborn while my 3 year old runs around…contained! She runs over every now and then to take a bite of food. And she’s exhausted and full by nap time!

5.) Driveway Games
So this is what I call that dreaded time after naps and before dad gets home. Ah! You know what I’m talking about. We head to the driveway with a bucket of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, whiffle balls, plastic bats, and “bases”. She runs around from activity to activity and I encourage her to “run the bases” every time she hits (or doesn’t!) the ball!

Patience Is The Key

Like I said above, approaching all of these “adventures” with a huge amount of patience is key! It’s something I struggle with and have to work on every day. But all of these activities are great because Sloane loves them, they pass the time, she burns some energy, and they don’t involve Micky Mouse Clubhouse or Paw Patrol! WINNER!


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