Emilia is such a beautiful name. It has class, it is centuries old and yet is still popular. Emilia brings so much joy to the families who choose it for their little girl. Let’s dive into the name, meaning and origin of Emilia and then explore its history, popularity, nicknames, middle names and sibling names. Finally, we will look into famous Emilias and find out how Emilia can be alternatively spelled just for that unique take on a very traditional name,

Emilia Name, Meaning and Origin

The name Emilia means to “excel” and comes from the Latin form Aemillia. This beautiful name has lasted for centuries and spread across Western Europe. The name “Emilia” is a four syllable name. Though Emilia is a traditional name that is widely used, it is actually considered a modern name and is trendy with those who like to revive older names into modern times.

Emilia Name Popularity

For a name to be considered “popular”, it must be in the top one hundred girl’s names of that year. Popular names are chosen from statistical analysis from the government based on how many people registered their babies name for the last calendar year. Based on first names. the most common names of those statistics make the name popularity list. Emilia is number forty on the top 1000 baby girl names list. This means that Emilia is getting a lot of love from families all over the world. Secondly, Emilia is a classic name. It is centuries old, but still holds the number forty spot in most popular names. There is something to be said about the name Emilia!

Nickname Ideas For Emilia

Nicknames are so special. Some nicknames stick with us for a reason, a season or a lifetime. A nickname developed for a reason would be a nickname based on the skills, talents or events of your child. For example, you may give your child the nickname “speedy” because they are always running. However, your child may develop the nickname “ace” because they are so articulate and exact.

Secondly, a nickname may stick around for a season, or a period of time. This can be a few weeks, a few months or a few years, but not forever. It may be based on your child’s interests, something funny or cute that they said or did. You may continue to keep the nickname for your baby into their adulthood or a child may “grow out” of a nickname.

Lastly, a nickname may last for a lifetime. For example, Queen Elizabeth was affectionately called “Lilibet” by her mother, as at the time the future Queen could not pronounce “Elizabeth.” This is a nickname term of endearment. As Elizabeth grew and got married, her husband, Prince Phillip, adopted this adorable nickname and affectionately called his wife her childhood nickname. Lastly, we see the Duchess and Duke of Sussex name their daughter Lilibet, after Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle’s family member of a similar name. This nickname definitely lasted a lifetime!

Nicknames are meant to be positive, funny or silly. They are not meant to be mean, condescending or the butt of someones joke.
Nicknames bond people and are generally used by friends, family or members or the community. Here are some great nickname ideas for Emilia based on the name itself!

Nicknames for Emilia

Emmy- A short and sweet nickname for Emilia.

Emily- A more formal nickname for Emilia that is a name in itself.

Emma- a short form for Emilia and a very popular name in itself!

Lyla- A whimsical nickname for Emilia

Lia- A short and sweet middle name for Emilia.

Lee- A very short play on the name Emilia.

Emmy- a cute and traditional nickname for Emilia.

Emil- A regal nickname for Emilia

Em- A short, fun nickname for Emilia.

These are just some of the many possible nicknames for Emilia!

Middle Names for Emilia

Emilia is such a beautiful name, that you may want a perfect middle name to compliment it. There are many ways to find that perfect name. Choosing a middle name does not have to be difficult, we have 13 ways to choose a middle name that make things a lot easier. Alternatively, many people just use a baby name generator and see what sounds best.

Baby name generators are easy to use and your can tailor them to what you want and get a long list of potential names.

However, we have found beautiful middle names for Emilia. From all over the globe, these names pair well, sound great and are either traditional or trendy middle names that couple well with Emilia. Here are our 50 favorite middle names for Emilia that you will love. Some of our favorites include:









and so much more! These are just a few of the perfect middle names for Emilia.

Sibling Names that Pair With Emilia

If you choose for Emilia to have some siblings, here are some great sounding names that go well with Emilia. We have divided some great sibling pairing names that work well with Emilia. Here are the best sounding girl and boy sibling names that can work well with this popular first name.

Girl names That Go Well With Emilia

If Emilia had a sister or a twin sister, these are a few of the many names that would work well with Emilia. In no particular order, here are some girl names that would make a great sibling name to Emilia

Jade and Emilia

Andrea and Emilia

Samantha and Emilia

Eve and Emilia

Ava and Emilia

Mirella and Emilia

Ana and Emilia

Stephanie and Emilia

Diana and Emilia

Willow and Emilia

Zoey and Emilia

Wren and Emilia

Harper and Emilia

Georgette and Emilia

Veronica and Emilia

Taryn and Emilia

Opal and Emilia

Barbie and Emilia

Selena and Emilia

Mackenzie and Emilia

Natalia and Emilia

Ingrid and Emilia

Jacqueline and Emilia

Afsa and Emilia

Kensington and Emilia

Kinsie and Emilia

Camille and Emilia

Dorit and Emilia

Manon and Emilia

Lyric and Emilia

Boy names That Go Well With Emilia

There are many boy name pairings that go well with Emilia. Whether it is a boy sibling or a twin boy sibling name, Emilia would go great with the following names! Here are a few great choices in no particular order.

Brady and Emilia

Emmett and Emilia

Emilia and Everett

Barrett and Emilia

Aaron and Emilia

Axel and Emilia

Dayton and Emilia

Dalton and Emilia

Carter and Emilia

Carson and Emilia

Fredrick and Emilia

George and Emilia

Gregory and Emilia

Henry and Emilia

Harold and Emilia

Jackson and Emilia

Jack and Emilia

Jacob and Emilia

Jared and Emilia

King and Emilia

Lee and Emilia

Leo and Emilia

Michael and Emilia

Matthew and Emilia

Nico and Emilia

Nicholas and Emilia

Peter and Emilia

Parker and Emilia

Rayne and Emilia

Sean and Emilia

Tyson and Emilia

Victor and Emilia

Lucas and Emilia

Zander and Emilia

These are just few of many wonderful sibling pairing names with Emilia.

Celebrities and Notable People With The Name Emilia

There are many amazing celebrities and notable people with the first name Emilia. Here are just a few to inspire you to love the name even more!

Emilia Clarke

English actress Emilia Clarke is a powerhouse. She has been in many movies and television shows, but she is best known for Game of Thrones, Terminator and Star Wars.


A famous Bulgarian singer.

Emilia Fox

This English actress starred in such films as Cashback and The Pianist.

Emilia Attias

A famous Argentinian actress and model.

Emilia Appelqvist

A Swedish soccer player.

These are just a few of the many Emilias that are famous or notable.

Alternative Spellings for Emilia

There are a few ways to spell Emilia. Here are a couple of examples how you can create an alternative spelling for this classic name.





These are a few of the alternative spellings for Emilia. There are many ways you can change a spelling from a classic name to help your version of Emilia be unique to your tastes.

Emilia Name

Emilia is a beautiful, traditional name that remains trendy and popular with families today. From Emilia’s name and origin to nicknames, notable people with the name, meanings, middle names and more, you know everything that there is to know about this wonderful name.