G Boy Names

G Boy names are not only beautiful sounding but choosing a G name is more unique than choosing a name with an “s” or an “M” beginning. Baby names that start with G command attention. There are some great baby names that start with G.

G Boy Names

There are so many popular and unique G Boy Names. Here are the top G Boy names for your little one.


Nickname: Gabe

Origin: Hebrew and is now popular across North America and Europe.

Meaning: God is my strength

This is such a popular name with families. It is a religious name as the Archangel Gabriel plays a role in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Gabriel is a popular name for boys.


Nickname: Greg

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “alert”

Gregory is a classic boys name making a big comeback. We see this name popular in Greece today. It is popular in Western culture and is a strong boy’s name.


Nickname: Georgie

Origin: Greece

Meaning: Earth

This salt of the Earth name comes from Greece and is still so popular in Greek culture today. George is a name that is often passed down from father to son. It is paired well with almost any middle name and it’s a cherished hereditary name amongst families across the world.


Nickname: “G”

Origin: UK, Ireland

Meaning: From the sun

Grant is a popular name in the UK and Ireland. It has Norman roots and can also mean “tall”. Grant is a strong boys name and is perfect if you are looking for an outdoorsy name for your little one.


Nickname: “G”

Origin: The UK

Meaning: named after Grantham in Lincolnshire in England.

Graham used to be a name that identified where someone is from. Now it is a beautiful name that is passed on to families. This name is popular in English countries and is growing in popularity.


Nickname: Ger, Jerry

Origin: Germany, France, Spain, Italy

Meaning: Hard Spear

Gerard is a great name for a little one! This name is an older name, where you can see it being written about since the 1000s. That is a name that has stood the test of time! Gerard is a personal favorite for families and it is gaining in popularity. This is a great strong boy’s name.



Nickname: Gar

Origin: Germany

Meaning: Spear

This name is gaining in popularity fast! Gary is seeing a second wind since the 1950s. People like that it is short and easy to say. This strong boys name is making its mark in the next few years.


Nickname: Gib

Origin: English

Meaning: A short for the original name of Gilbert

We are seeing this old English name come back into popularity fast. Gibson is a great name and can go with both a short and a long middle name.


Nickname: Gray

Origin: English

Meaning: steward

This popular boys name is a strong boy’s name that is goes perfect with a short middle name.


Nickname: GC, Gian

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Gracious Freeman

This popular Italian name found itself rising in popularity in the 1980s through to the 1990s as more North American families chose this name for their little boy. The English version is John Charles.


Nickname: “G”

Origin: English and French

Meaning: Pledge

This name is becoming increasingly popular recently, but it is actually an old baby name that dates back all the way to the 14th century. If you love taking an old name and giving it new life, Gage is the perfect name for your little one.


Nickname: Gun

Origin: Scandinavian

Meaning: “strong warrior”

We cannot think of a more strong boys name than Gunner. Its Scandinavian origin and strong boy meaning makes it the perfect name for a little boy.


Nickname: Gil

Origin: French

Meaning: Promise

This old boys name is certainly making a comeback in the last five years! Gilbert has a bright name, meaning “promise.” Gilbert will definitely start off his life in a leadership role if you choose this name for your little one.


Nickname: “G”

Origin: English

Meaning: “gray haired”

We find that Gray is becoming an increasingly popular boy’s name. Don’t let the gray haired meaning throw you off, this can definitely be interpreted as wise. If you think your little one is an old soul, then consider this English original name for your child.


Nickname: “G”

Origin: French

Meaning: Guide or leader

If you think your little one will be the next big CEO or just a person who really knows how to take charge, consider Guy for your little one. Though we see the origin as French, we have studied that over the centuries that this name has come into English high circles as well. Consider Guy for your little one.


Nickname: “G”

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: narrow valley way

This Scottish boys name is a popular one. Whether you are looking for an outdoorsy name for your little boy or a name that is strong, consider Glen for your little one.


Nickname: Griff

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Fierce

This strong boys name has a long history. It was brought to English from older languages such as Latin or Greek, and brought to the western world centuries ago. A name that stands the test of time should be a perfect choice for your little one.


Nickname: Gio, Vanni

Origin: Italian

Meaning: God is Gracious

This Italian version of John is the perfect name for your little one. It is a name that is often passed from grandfather to grandson or father to son.


Nickname: Gar

Origin: English and French

Meaning: Oak Tree

This outdoors boy name is perfect for your little one. It has both an English and French meaning and would be great for any little boy.


Nickname: Gil

Origin: German

Meaning: Pledge

Sometimes this name is perfect for a friend and is interpreted as a “good friend.” Guillain is a perfect name for a little boy.


Nickname: “G”

Origin: English

Meaning: Wedge

This name is commonly a surname but we are seeing it rise in popularity as a first name. If you are looking for a unique boy’s name, consider Gore!


Nickname: Gar

Origin: Scandinavian

Meaning: garden keeper

This outdoor boys name is perfect for any little boy!


Nickname: Gus

Origin: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

Meaning: staff of the geats

This name also is royal. Many Swedish royals have this name. If you are looking for a royal baby name consider Gustavo.


Nickname: Gar

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Gentle

This kind boys name is perfect for any little one! We see Garret becoming more and more popular every year!


Nickname: Gar

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Gentle

Another great gentle name for a boy!


Nickname: Grade

Origin: Irish

Meaning: noble

This powerful boys name is perfect for your strong little one!



Nickname: “G”

Origin: English

Meaning: Great

This beautiful English name describes your little one perfectly, he is great!


Nickname: Gro

Origin:  English

Meaning: a grove of trees

This outdoor boy name is perfect for your little one. If your family is outdoorsy and looking for a name to reflect your family’s values, consider Grover!


Nickname: Gan

Origin: Hindu

Meaning: The Lord of the People

If you are looking for a powerful royal boy name, consider Ganesh for your little one!


Nickname: Geoff

Origin: English and French

Meaning: Peace

If you are looking for a name that is religious and powerful, choose Geoffrey. It was popular in the medieval period but slowly died out. Surprisingly, in the 20th century, it reemerged as a popular name once again! Consider this name that can stand the test of time.


Nickname: Greg

Origin: Greece

Meaning: Vigilant

This strong boys name is perfect for your little one! We have seen this name very popular in Scotland but its origin is actually Greece. If you are considering a name that is loved across the world, consider Gregor!


Nickname: Gad

Origin: Hindu

Meaning: one of the Lords Associates

If you are looking for a name that is classic and noble choose Gadhadhar for your little boy!


Nickname: Gad

Origin: Hindu

Meaning: Lord Krishna

This beautiful name is beautiful and easy to pronounce. It pairs well with both a long and short middle name.

These are some of the beautiful boy names that start with G that we have for you. We will be adding to this list regularly so keep checking back with us to find that perfect G boy name!

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