Lurera Review For Families With Anxiety

With millions of people around the world with anxiety, depression or even just loneliness, they are going to need ways to comfort themselves during challenging times. We are just in love with Lurera pillows and the comfort they provide!

This gorgeous pillow is beautiful, stylish, and oh so comfortable to have on a couch or a bed. But this pillow is even more than just good looks and a great comfort. It has something special that we have never seen before!

What does Lurera Mean?

The name Lurera comes from an Irish lullaby that founder Jennifer used to sing to her son when he was younger.

What Makes Lurera So Special

Lurera is an anti-anxiety pillow! What this means is as a brand, they have dedicated themselves to supporting those who are experiencing depression, anxiety and even loneliness. Each pillow is expertly designed with a heating pad and a heart beat. Yes, the pillow mimics a heartbeat to bring you peace of mind and a sense of safety.


This pillow is also created to have the tactile touch of a pet or another human, bringing the feeling of safety and comfort with you everywhere.

Lurera is comfortable yet easy to keep at home as a decorative pillow but also durable enough to withstand travel all over the world.

You can set the heartbeat to one of the three preset times, so you can hold it when you are feeling bouts of anxiety or use it as a sleeping aid at night. It is battery operated so you can always be at ease.

About The Founder, Jennifer Lowthian

Jennifer is more than a founder, she is a person who understands what families are going through. Like so many families, Jennifer’s son was developing mental health challenges and she tried everything to help him. She then got him a support dog. this cute puppy was named Lurera. Her son started to feel a lot better.

Lurera became a warm and snuggly companion. Jennifer realized that it would be great if everyone had a Lurera in their lives. After some quick research, she realized that people can feel “touch starved.” Especially with Covid-19, many people can have these symptoms. The Lurera anti-anxiety pillow was born!

When Your Anxiety Is Being Eased…

When your anxiety is being eased you can:


When you feel anxiety, you struggle to even sleep. Even when you are asleep, some people experience severe anxiety when they are asleep. You wake up completely exhausted and not rested at all.

When you have an opportunity to address your anxiety, you can rest and recooperate from the stress that is caused from anxiety.

Feel More Control

When your anxiety is calm, you can feel like you have more control over your life and your day to day tasks. These steps can feel empowering.

Be Able To Accomplish Some Tasks

When you feel more control, you can accomplish some tasks. Whether that is getting up in the morning and getting dressed, to getting some house chores done. These tasks being completed can feel like your whole world has changed.

Tactile Touch

If you are alone or isolated, it can feel like you are in the presence of someone else. This is soothing and comforting and can change how you feel in just a few minutes. Remember that Lurera has both a heating pad and a heart beat too which makes the comfortable pillow unique and a high quality!

What We Think of Lurera

There are so many people suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness and so much more. It is great for people of all ages. We love that Lureera is compact, so people can take it everywhere. It is discreet enough that it makes a beautiful bonus pillow on a couch or a bed. We are thankful that Jennifer has created a product that services a population of people that is often ignored. We need more products that will help others. Jennifer’s compassion is seen in the creation of Lurera. Help back this fantastic project and visit Lurera.