What is the most powerful medicine you can take to stay well? What will fuel you throughout the day, keep your body and mind alert and most of all, keep a healthy lifestyle? Food is your most powerful medicine. Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine gives readers an opportunity to look at yourself and your body in a new way by combine East Meets West in The kitchen as you discover more about Chinese medicine.

It’s time to look at food in a completely different way. It is sad to say that many people throughout their life have an unhealthy relationship with food. We as a society use food to comfort, to mask pain, to relieve stress. When one diets, it is often times a harsh regiment with militaristic rules. Don’t eat this or that on holidays or birthdays! It becomes a life of restrictions. In this book, Ellen Goldsmith who is a licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese practitioner and Educator gives you a new food philosophy to chew on. Eating may be something we do to survive and thrive but eating his also about togetherness, connection to ourselves, others and nature around us. Don’t forget all of the cultural and pleasure aspects involved.


In a word, we strive for one thing with our food, VITALITY. Ellen and coauthor Maya Klein who is a recipe developer and culinary expert take us on a delicious journey though seasonal menus to help us through those major milestones in life with our most greatest medicine.

Whether you are a new Mom or you have just come out of surgery, there is knowledge about food to bring up your vitality. When we read this book cover to cover, it was no secret that this book is a therapy book. We are connecting with ourselves, our bodies in a way we never thought was possible.

The Recipes

We were impressed to see over 200 recipes that your whole family would love. The book is published by Robert Rose Books so you can expect it to be laid out beautifully and easy to understand, from the new cook to the sous chef, you will have no problem learning from this book.

So how does this apply to your family? We thought long about this. This book is for the parents that eat takeaway three times a week and go to all of their children’s sports events and recitals. This is for the family who is so busy that they cannot tell its Saturday or Thursday. This book is going to not only change your eating habits, it’s going to change the way your family interacts with one another. With a healthier body, comes a healthier mind and when you have a healthy mind you start to focus on things that are truly important to you, rather than being gobbled up by obligation. You start to reprioritize and center yourself and your growing family to what matters. Each other.

It is good to be passionate about food! It is just about knowing what each morsel does for your body and mind.

Each recipe comes with a health tip so you keep in mind the reasoning behind these delicious ingredients. The meals are not only delicious but healthy!

Improving Your Health

The beginning of the book gives you great insight. Chapter three was our favorite as it was about thermal nature and flavor. We did not know a lot about this until we read this chapter. The concept of eating specific foods according to their warming and cooling temperatures can be found in a few cultures for ‘healing food traditions’.

Now, were going to give a spoiler alert. Here were some of our favorite recipes. The Sautéed Banana Crepes were simply delicious. We were surprised that lentils were on the ingredients list! There were a total of 12 crepes made which is great for family of four.

Another great recipe was steamed egg custard with chopped greens. We felt so good after making this recipe and it yielded 6 servings. Delicious!

How can you improve your health without sacrifice? We find that Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine is the perfect way to improve your personal health without sacrificing taste, deliciousness and food enjoyment. Authors Ellen Goldsmith and Maya Klein put out one life changing book. Special thanks to the ever amazing Robert Rose Publishing for another incredible book.


Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine: + 175 Recipes for Optimal Health