With the warmer weather here, you may be thinking about opening your pool, going to the local beach or even opening up a blow up pool in your backyard! However, what do you do when your little one wants to swim too and is still in diapers? TrustyTrunks has your answer!

When your child is little, they will love the water but when they are still in diapers, it can be hard to swim! The diaper fills and traps water, creating a balloon diaper for your baby! The Diaper can explode, putting particles filled with mess all over the pool or into a water body. Lastly, diapers leak in water and so they are not trapping your child’s waste, which can get everyone sick. To eliminate mess and keep your child able to enjoy the water and move properly, TrustyTrunks has created an amazing solution.

Swimming and Staying Comfortable

Your little one is learning how to trust the water and how to move within it. Trusty

Trunks is made from elastic, so it is easier to love. This product is non allergenic and made with a skin safe silicone that is very soft on your skin, but does not pinch. You can wear it over any cloth diaper, disposable diaper or even underwear!

 Trusty Trunks : No Leaks Loads of Fun

TrustyTrunks is great. We used it on our one year old who is a water baby. However, our little one is not potty trained! Our one year old did not notice the cool little trunks on their legs and was able to move and kick around so much easier! Most of all, there was no leaks, no mess and we can focus on what is important in the pool, fun!

Not only is Trust Trunks great on leaks but it also keeps the sand out of your baby’s diaper. You can do all of the outfit changing at home and not worry about changing anything for your pool party or beach day!

TrustyTrunks made sure the messes stayed in and the pool water stayed out. Simple!

Reusable- Great for Parents Pockets

These silicone diaper covers are reusable! They are so stretchy that the size can last you an entire swimming season. All you have to do for maintenance is wipe clean and pat dry. You can also machine wash but line dry it.

Promote Potty Training

Wear TrustyTrunks over your baby’s child training pants or underwear. It is that simple!

TrustyTrunks is the leak proof swimwear that will change the way your family enjoys the water! Keep your children having fun and staying clean and safe.

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