VTECH Kidizoom Creator Cam Review

Be a kid creator! It is time for your child’s dreams to come to true with this must have creator cam. New, from BTECH, the Kidizoom Creator Cam is one of the best gifts out there for kids. From its Green screen studio to its creative tools, you will be blown away with the amount of content your child creates.

With VTECH, Your Child Will Learn So Much

Kidizoom camera

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Your child will learn to create awesome videos and learn to edit like a pro! This easy to use creator cam allows your child to sing, dance, do tricks,a ct and so much more. Included is a really cool green screen! You can show your family and friends for lots of fun and laughter. Kids have never had this type of opportunity before!


Like any toy from VTECH, the features are the best part! You will get:

a kidizoom creator cam that allows your child to

1)make movies  2) Play games

a USB cable to connect with your computer

a green screen 4.8’Wx3’H

Rechargable Battery

Option for expandable memory

Your Very Own Green Screen Studio

That’s right, with the VTECH Kidizoom Creator Cam, your child will also receive their very own green screen. You can shoot along with your green screen, videos with over 20 animated backgrounds. You can also create your own backgrounds with your own photos. This allows your child to start experimenting with photography and video making.

You can also use the green screen to disappear! You and your child can make yourselves disappear with this cool included green screen. Your child  can also do special effects that would make some really great videos.

Types of Green Screen Options

You can download your own background and have so much fun or use one of the 20+ backgrounds provided.

We loved the weather station background where we can give our very own weather report. Our kids loved being meteorologists and talking about the weather. When their friends were over, we laughed and laughed as they ran for their lives from huge dinosaurs chasing them! This one was a hit with groups of kids.

Visit a haunted house on Halloween or be right next to your dream castle  with these amazing life like backgrounds that your kids will love. Their creative energy will be endless with each and every background. Make movies for your amusement or send mini movies as a gift for grandparents or family that lives far away.

Use The Creativity Tools To Create Epic Content

editing feature iwth kidizoom

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The videos can be epic but the editing is equally as easy. Create videos with on camera editing and then our child can transfer to a computer with the included USB cable. Yes, you get a USB cable included in Kidizoom Creator Cam!

You can make videos and easily edit them right on the camera. Create a time lapse video or our personal favorite, a stop motion video! Use yourself with clay figures, animate with your Legos and so much more! The possibilities are endless.

Creativity Tools include:

A video editor- to easily edit videos right on the camera

Time Lapse Creator- To join photos to create a time lapse or stop motion videos

Tick Video Maker- Cut scenes together for awesome trick effects! Make yourself look like you popped out of a drawer or can fly!

Games, Games and more Games!

Between takes of your child’s epic movie, play games while you take a break before your next take! Buzz around as a bee in Bee Mission. Stack cake layers to make the most delicious cake. Cake Master is awesome!  Navigate the rocky waters around you in the River Cat Course. With three games to choose from, your child will have so much fun alone or with their friends and siblings.

Selfie Stick

VTECH Kidizoom Creator cam with selfie stick

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Sometimes parents can’t always be the camera person! A 5″ selfie stick is included or tripod that can easily be positioned on a table or ledge to film your child. This allows your child to stay creative, especially if they are working on a special project alone.

Tech Stuff

Here are the facts about the Kidizoom Creator cam:

-rechargeable battery- Recharge the battery with the included USB cable for up to two hours of non stop use.

  • USB cable so you can access your computer to download movies to work on further editing to make your child’s video even more epic.
  • Use a microSD card up to 32GB (class 10 or above) to store even more photos and videos

Safety Stuff

There is no wifi connection to the Kidizoom so you have no worries about your child finding their way to the internet and uploading their videos. Your children have the opportunity to be creative and stay safe. This is not only a peace of mind for parents that their children will be learning tech skills without putting themselves in public.

Would You Buy It?

One of the best toys on the market and hottest ticket items is the VTECH Kidizoom Creator Cam. Guaranteed to be in your family for years, bring siblings together to work on projects, bring out the creativity in your children and most of all, inspire future hobbies and dreams for your kids. Such a great toy!

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