Explore and Crawl Elephant

It’s time for your little one to explore and crawl around with the Explore and Crawl Elephant! From Vetch, your little one can crawl along with your elephant friend!

Interactive Elephant

We love the Explore and Crawl Elephant because it grows with your child. This toy is great for ages 6-36 months old! From your little baby to crawler to walker, this lovely elephant can’t wait to explore and engage with your child.

The Explore and Crawl Elephant is not only there for your child to explore, but also to teach!

Here are some of our favorite features:

45 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases



Daily life

Gross motor skills

What We Love About Our Elephant Friend

The Explore and Crawl Elephant grows with your child. When your child is just interested in crawling, they will see your sweet elephant crawling around the room, encouraging your child to crawl too. The Flashing Star on the elephant’s back says “Let’s Crawl Along!” which is so positive and encouraging.

When your child decides to crawl, they develop a whole new relationship with the elephant! Encouraging gross motor skills, your elephant will give positive feedback such as “I love exploring with you!” and “I love crawling!” to get your child motivated.

The Buttons

These buttons are so easy to press! The flashing star is so easy to press and engages your child’s attention and encourages interaction between the elephant and your child.

Each star on the back of the elephant teach your child different things! The Purple star teaches numbers and the green star teaches music.

The elephant button encourages gross motor skills and also speaks to your child .The orange button encourages crawling, exploring and interaction.

Being Extremely Huggable!

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The Explore and Crawl Elephant has a huggable texture. The soft plush and pattern fabrics are so appealing to a baby. It is a sensory friendly elephant with a washable surface.

There are also some great parent friendly features.

Volume Control

There are two different buttons so if you need a quieter play, you can easily adjust that.

Durable Design

vetch knows that your child will be exploring and learning for the first time. This toy is durable but also very soft and safe for your child.

Automatic shut off

This toy is not going to keep going if your child walks or crawls away. It will automatically shut off after a time.

Developmental Benefits for Your Baby

Explore and Crawl Elephant

The Explore and Crawl Elephant gives your child many developmental benefits.

Motor Skills

Our baby followed the elephant around and really improved on their gross motor skills! This can happen with both crawlers and walkers.

The music also gets your baby moving!

Language Development

The wonderful songs gets your baby moving! Your child will be introduced to sounds, phrases and shapes.

Cause and Effect

Your little one will start learning how to learn phrases and begin to react to what is being said to them.

Sensory Development

the fun, bright colors and flashing light will cause attention to detail.

The oh so soft plush elephant will give tactical stimulation.

Our Favorite Part

The Explore and Crawl Elephant’s Ears Wiggle! It is so cute! We bet you will get some hardy giggles out of your baby.

The Verdict

We love a toy that can grow with our child. This elephant can be given as a gift to a newborn and be an active part of their life until they are at least 3 years old. It is durable enough to survive multiple children and fun enough to stick around for years to come. That is what parents like us want, a welcomed member of the family to create new memories with.

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