Tickety Tock Play and Learn Clock

Your little one will learn about daily routines and explore so many learning possibilities with Tickety Tock Play and Learn Clock. This wonderful toy has many features.

Hour Hand

Your child can simply more the short hand around the clock and explore the different daily routines and times of day in which you are to do them. This is a great way to understand the concept of time and scheduling different events and routines. From going to school to having fun at the park, your child will learn the different times to enjoy different routines.

Find The Number

This feature is our favorite. Search for the correct number in numbers mode! Your child will start identifying numbers and how a clock works.

Three Modes of Play

There are three different modes on the Tickety Tock. The first is daily routines. You can also explore numbers and finding the right numbers on a clock and finally there is music mode where your child can enjoy the love of learning time!

Press Blue to see Tickety Tocks adorable bells wiggle! This will make telling time fun. We love that your child will both play and learn from this fabulous toy!

Tell Time While Having Fun

This toy is perfect for little ones learning the concept of time and scheduling routines around the clock. Available at Walmart, the Tickety Tock Play and Learn Clock is the perfect gift!

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