Myla’s Sparkling Friends Toy Review

Myla’s Sparkling Friends is a top toy that many children love and we are reviewing a few of the friends to see why children and parents love these toys so much!

What You Get With Myla’s Sparkling Friends

Mood Confidences- Each of Myla’s friends has a color that is their favorite. Collect each toy to find out what each friend loves so much! Just touch the temple of the toy’s head to find out more!

Lucky Color- Just touch the wings or ears of your friend to find out!

Kiss!- Touch the mouth of your pet to blow a kiss!

Accessories- Fun and stylish accessories to style your pet’s hair. This also includes an adorable brush.

Mia Stella Unicorn

Mia Unicorn

It’s time to magically change Mia’s colors! Just squeeze her back legs to help her flap her wings. Add her adorable barrettes and comb her hair as much as you like! You can also play dress up.

Just press Mia’s necklace to choose her colors! This is so adorable.

Finn Fox

It is time to change Finn’s colors! Go on this magical adventure where you can squeeze Finn’s back legs so she can wag her tail! Touch the necklace then touch Finn’s hair to change their color! It’s nothing less than magic. Check out the cool comb and accessories to keep Finn styling.

Ages 4-8

Children ages 4-8 will love their interactive, wonderful toys. Myla’s Sparkling friends bring so much joy to children. don’t be surprised if your children go on hours of adventures with their sparkling friends. Get your accessories on and let’s take these magical animals on a journey that they will never forget!

How Many Myla’s Sparkling Friends Are There?

There are five of Mia’s Sparkling Friends currently on the market!

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